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Monday, May 20, 2024

PM in-waiting IK’s victory speech and the promises he made

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The Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) and Prime Minister-in-waiting Imran Khan addressed the Nation, in what can be dubbed as his victory speech, on Thursday afternoon 26th of July. Unlike PML-N’s victory speech in 2013, a very composed Imran Khan addressed the nation seated behind a desk in front of Jinnah’s portrait on the wall. Khan started his speech by remembering Balochistan and all those who sacrificed their lives in the G.E’18. After thanking the nation for placing their trust in him, Khan discussed the agenda which he intends to achieve while in the office.

Various articles, news and opinionated pieces were published to create an anti-Imran political setting in and outside of Pakistan.

“Thanks to God, we won,” he begun with. “We were successful and we were given a mandate,” the 65-year-old cricketer-turned-politician said during a live broadcast, adding that there was “no political victimization” in the acrimonious contest.

A welfare state based on the governing style of Medina

Khan praised the people of Balochistan who came out to cast their votes despite all fears and threats. At the same time, PM-in-waiting said he will work to uplift the lives of disempowered and marginalized people across the country. We will build up Pakistan while keeping into our mind the framework of the state of Madina, he said.  “I want to share the kind of Pakistan I envision ─ the type of state that was established in Madina, where widows and the poor were taken care of,” he explained. “Today our state is in shambles. [But] all our policies aim to help the less fortunate prosper,” he said.

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Welcomes poll rigging investigations

Imran Khan assured the PML-N and other parties that his government will assist them to investigate any polling station they want to. He clarified that this election was the “fairest” one the history of Pakistan. “If you think there has been rigging, we will assist you in the investigation if you have any doubts. We will stand by you. I feel that this election has been the fairest in Pakistan’s history. If any party has any doubts, we will open up the results of those constituencies for investigation.”

Improving ties with India and resolving Kashmir dispute

He also commented on improving ties with India, resolving Kashmir and relationship with the US on the basis of equality. While commenting on Afghanistan, Khan said that “they [Afghans] have suffered most in the ‘war on terror’, and before that in the Afghan jihad. Peace in Afghanistan means peace in Pakistan,” he said, adding that he envisions open borders with Afghanistan reminiscent to those within the European Union.

PTI won the battle for Naya Pakistan

According to unofficial results, PTI has won more than 100 seats in the National Assembly. To form a government, the party needs a total of 137 seats. Meanwhile, in KPK where the party had been in power, it managed to get a two-thirds majority. In KPK, the PTI is in a position to form a government without anyone’s help.

Khan started his speech by remembering Balochistan and all those who sacrificed their lives in the G.E’18.

PTI came out at the top and is the only party which has a presence in all four provinces of Pakistan. PTI won seats in Punjab, Sindh, KPK, and Balochistan. This is something which makes the party genuinely federal in nature.

Twitter reacted to Khan’s speech

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Political commentators, celebrities, anchors, and intellectuals took to the twitter and commented on Imran Khan’s victory speech. Indian actors Rishi Kapoor said “Well spoken Imran Khan. I have been saying whatever you said on all channels past two days regarding India-Pakistan! I hope you succeed in making your “Mulk” have good relations with my “Mulk”

Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri also took to the twitter to congratulate Imran Khan. “I congratulate @ImranKhanPTI on the splendid victory and hope that PTI forms the government in the center, Punjab along with KPK. Now the responsibility to deliver justice on Model Town case rests upon him. I fully endorse the agenda Imran Khan pronounced in his victory speech,” he said.

Senior anchorperson Dr. Moeed Pirzada said that the speech was ‘fresh’ and ‘orignal’. Imran Khan’s speech was amazingly fresh & original; after a long long time Pakistan has a leader who can speak his mind & lay out a vision without reading from a piece of paper & who is cognizant of internal & external challenges facing Pakistan,” he tweeted.

Anchorperson Kashif Abbasi was also impressed by Imran Khan’s victory speech. What a good speech by Imran Khan.. forget about the political rivalries, look ahead to solve the problems and best of all…lemme say as expected ” jo halqa kaho … khol doonga”, he said.

It is hoped that Imran Khan will fulfill his promises and make Pakistan politically stable, economically prosperous and a culturally confident nation. Khan has promised to make Pakistan great and peaceful for the next generations. His critics in Pakistan and outside are, however, not happy on his victory. International and Indian media have been trying to portray as if they’re the elections were rigged by the “establishment’. Various articles, news and opinionated pieces were published to create an anti-Imran political setting in and outside of Pakistan. But despite all challenges in free and fair elections, Imran Khan has finally managed to win the elections. The nation awaits his promises to be delivered.