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Thursday, July 18, 2024

PM Khan assures revolutionizing criminal justice system

Here's the list of all the reforms being introduced by PTI government.

Prime Minister Imran Khan Wednesday said that for the first time in the country’s history, the incumbent government was bringing about reforms in the criminal justice system to realize its manifesto for rule of law.

The prime minister, chairing a meeting on reforms in the criminal justice system, said in absence of the required amendments in the criminal justice system, the discrimination between rich and poor increased.

The participants of the meeting were told that the unanimous decision-making had been done following the consultation with all stakeholders besides considering the best practices in vogue globally.

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The reformed system would comprise the digitalization of First Information Report (FIR), trial and appeal methods, evidence collection using electronic and digital tools, amendment in plea bargain method, and utilization of video as evidence.

It was told that new clauses dealing with the new crimes like stalking of women offence had also been included in the new law for women protection. The amendments in PPC and CrPC are also part of the same refroms.

The bill on the proposed amendments would soon be tabled in the parliament which, after passage, would not only prevent crimes but also provide for action against the elements who could not be apprehended in absence of the required legal amendments in accordance with the modern-day needs.

Calling the said reforms inevitable for rule of law in the country, the prime minister appreciated the efforts by Law Minister Farogh Nasim, Parliamentary Secretary for Law Malika Bukhari and experts of the legal team.

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Courtesy: APP