PM Khan raises Kashmir Human Rights Violations German Chancellor

In a telephonic conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Prime Minister Imran Khan discussed the ongoing situation in Indian-occupied Kashmir, condemning India’s gross violations of human rights and international laws.

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Prime Minister Imran Khan, on Friday, had a telephonic conversation with German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel, and the two leaders discussed New Delhi’s unilateral and unlawful decisions “aimed at altering the disputed status of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir and changing its demographic structure.”

A press release issued by the Prime Minister’s Office apprised that Prime Minister Khan discussed the gross human rights violations committed by the Indian troops across Indian-occupied Jammu & Kashmir. The press release read, “The Prime Minister informed the Chancellor that India’s actions were in direct contravention of the UNSC resolutions, international law and its own solemn commitments.”

Intensified Indian Repression

Prime Minister Imran Khan apprised German Chancellor Angela Merkel over the dire human rights situation in the occupied Himalayan valley, including the unprecedented lockdown, communications blackout and severe shortage of food supplies and life-saving medicines.

The press release stated, “He stressed that intensified Indian repression could result in massive loss of Kashmiri lives, which must be prevented at all costs.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan and German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed to work together for regional peace and stability. 

The premier also alerted the German Chancellor of the likelihood of a false-flag operation staged by New Delhi to create a deceptive diversion. He stressed that India’s unilateral decisions threaten to disrupt regional peace and stability.

The press release noted, “The Prime Minister also underlined concerns about some false flag operation staged by India or some other ill-conceived step on the LoC to divert the world’s attention. The Prime Minister emphasized that India’s actions had serious implications for peace and security in the region and the international community had the responsibility to act urgently.”

The Premier reminded Chancellor Merkel of the responsibility of the international community to act and play its role as a mediator. Chancellor Merkel noted that Germany has been observing the situation, and stressed upon the need to de-escalate tensions to seek a peaceful political solution.

The press release stated in this regard, “Chancellor Merkel stated that Germany was closely observing the situation. She underlined the importance of de-escalation of tensions and resolution of issues peacefully.”

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Prime Minister Imran Khan and German Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed to work together for regional peace and stability.

Diplomatic Outreach for Kashmir

As part of Pakistan’s agendas for diplomatic outreach to gain support for the Kashmiri struggle for self-determination, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi penned down another letter to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on Friday. The Foreign Minister attempted to draw her attention towards the rapidly deteriorating human rights situation in Indian-occupied Jammu & Kashmir.

A press release issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed, “The Foreign Minister’s letter highlights in detail the context and consequences of India’s illegal and unilateral actions of 5 August 2019.”

The letter expresses Pakistan’s apprehensions over the intensified humanitarian violations and suffering of innocent Kashmiris under India’s brutal crackdown on protests and limitations on civilian movement.

Foreign Minister Qureshi alerted his Maldivian counterpart that India’s unilateral and unlawful actions in the occupied valley are a grave threat to regional peace and stability. 

MoFA stated, “The letter articulates Pakistan’s deep concerns over the intensification in human suffering, further breach of the fundamental rights of the Kashmiri people, and the dire humanitarian situation that has arisen as a result of India’s enhanced draconian measures to implement its illegal actions.”

The letter highlighted that India’s unilateral actions “constitute flagrant violations of the UN Charter, relevant Security Council resolutions, international law and India’s own solemn commitments.”

“The Foreign Minister has underscored the imperative for the world community, including the United Nations, to call upon India to rescind its unilateral actions, lift the curfew and other draconian measures, and restore the fundamental rights of the Kashmiri people,” added the press release shared by the Foreign Office.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s letter is being shared with members of the UN Security Council and all members of the United Nations. Earlier on 4th August, the Foreign Minister had penned his first letter to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and later on the 8th of August, he had a telephonic conversation with her.

Earlier on Saturday (today), Foreign Minister Qureshi held a telephonic conversation with the Foreign Minister of Maldives, Abdulla Shahid, to apprise him of the ongoing situation in the Indian-occupied valley of Kashmir.

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MoFA issued a press release in this regard, stating, “The Foreign Minister briefed his Maldivian counterpart on the illegal and unilateral actions of India to alter the disputed status of Jammu and Kashmir, which was in contravention of the international law and UNSC resolutions.”

Foreign Minister Qureshi alerted his Maldivian counterpart that India’s unilateral and unlawful actions in the occupied valley are a grave threat to regional peace and stability.

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