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Thursday, February 15, 2024

“PM Khan tried to get me killed”: Serious accusation or a hilarious joke?

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In a new episode of media controversy, a journalist, Nusrat Javed as per a local publication report, said that his car was “attacked” by men in plain clothes; they intended to kill him and portray murder as an accident.

According to the publication, he was driving to his home from G-8, Islamabad, when suddenly shots were fired at his car that burst the tires. That is when six men in plain clothes approached him and inspected him.

“The plan was to kill me. They must have thought that I’d be intoxicated and die in the accident but since I was sober, they left me alone,” Javed added.

He said he had no intentions to report the incident to police, saying,” “Which police do I report to? This Imran Khan’s police?”

He also took it to twitter and said, “It is 1:16 and Prime Minister of Pakistan has tried to get me killed. I am still Alice’s by the way m”.


He further said, “ImranKhan prime minister of Pakistan tried to kill me here and now.But Im still alive”.


Soon after that, a mixed reaction of social media users was seen. Some criticized him, others condoled. Journalists and politicians demanded the probe into the incident.

Retracing from all the accusations, Nusrat Javed then said,” After thorough probe the ISLAMABAD police found that my tyre hit a stone; got burst and the car skidded and thus the rest of damage”.

He further stated, “I have to accept their professional opinion. Perhaps the post accident trauma made me paranoid and I suspected foul play for a definite history with the current government”.

“I honestly believe that I must take the incident as an unfortunate accident and must not hold anyone responsible for it”, he added.

Talking about ‘six men in plain clothes’, Mr. Javed said,“Police also believe that boys came around me perhaps wanted to help me but the post accident trauma and paranoia made me suspect otherwise. I have no choice but accept the Police version”.

Many sympathizers of Javed Nusrat in no time rushed to conclude that PM Khan was oppressing the journalists. Countering such stance, senior anchorperson of GNN, Dr. Moeed Pirzada said, “It was a “Tyre burst” after hitting a stone. Police have checked thoroughly and your friend has also accepted the findings; he may have been disoriented after the accident and thus the flawed controversy. Will you now also admit your hasty conclusion?”

He also reminded Mr. Ahsan Iqbal–who did not let the opportunity to malign and accuse the PTI government go– of what, in actual, bullets do and have done during PMLN’s tenure. Mr. Pirzada said, “Ahsan Sb, Allah ki shan hay, that in Naya Pakistan “car tyre bursts” become bullets coming straight from the PM of Pakistan but in Model Town actual bullets from automatic weapons of Punjab Police, hitting 100 innocents were their “Self inflicted wounds”

What exactly had happened to Mr. Nusrat’s vehicle police found to be just an accident. However, interesting is the conspiracy the journalist generated out of it. Even more interesting were the responses of social media users.