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Thursday, May 23, 2024

PM Khan wants Babar Azam to play at 4th spot in Test format

A former skipper's advice to the current skipper; Imran Khan wants talented Babar Azam to play at number 4 in the Test match format. Khan is all praises about Azam's refined batting skills

Prime Minister Imran Khan wants cricketer Babar Azam to play at number 4 in the longest-format of the cricket. Khan disapproved of sending Azam at the fifth spot in the previous Test match against Australia.

Imran Khan believes Babar Azam is a talented batsman who should be sent at number 4, former cricketer Wasim Akram quoted Imran Khan as saying.

“PM Imran Khan messaged me to wish all the best to Babar Azam for the way he batted. He also mentioned that in his cricketing opinion Babar is such a good batsman, with a great technique that he should bat at number four eventually,” said Wasim Akram.


Imran Khan was all praises for Babar Azam after he scored a century in the second innings of the test match, enabling Pakistan to fight back the host team, Australia.

Earlier, former Australian cricketer, Ian Chappel had slammed the team management for making Babar play at the fifth spot. Though Babar Azam lost his wicket at just 1-run after playing a poor shot.

“I think he’s a very good player. But Pakistan has got to make much better use of him by getting him further up the order,” said Chappell. “Four is the minimum. He should have batted at four in the match and I’d like to see him put in at three, but certainly no lower than four.”

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Babar, however, expressed his calm on playing at number fifth. In the post-match conference, he said that he is not bothered to play at any specific. He goes according to the team plan. Adding that, “When I started playing Test cricket, I didn’t have a set number, I was up and down the order because Younis Bhai and Misbah bhai were there, sometimes I was at 5 or 6 then when we came to Australia, I was at 3, then later I went to 4.”

He said he would never force to play at the specific number because his priority is to play for the team.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan cricket team has continued its dismal performance despite the change of the head coach and the captain. The overhaul reforms in the management were done after Pakistan’s depressing performance in the Cricket World Cup and the loss in the T20 series against Sri Lank during their tour to Pakistan.


Babar Azam is bagging appreciation for his spectacular century against Australia. Cricket experts believe a smart strategy is needed to fully harness the potential in skilled cricketer Babar Azam. They believe he should be given maximum opportunities to expand his abilities.

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“After the World Cup, I have decided that I am going to reform cricket. It was very disappointing. Remember my words, Insha Allah (God willing), in the next World Cup, we will bring a professional and the best team,” he said to a mammoth of Pakistani diaspora in Capital One Arena, on his first visit to the USA.

He assured fans that they will see a professional team in the next world cup. However, Pakistan’s persistent streak of defeats has dashed the hopes of a revival of Pakistan’s cricket team.