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Saturday, April 13, 2024

PM Nawaz resignation: maximalist OR unconstitutional?

Responding to Ayesha Hasan:- I never said that demanding PM Nawaz’s resignation is “unconstitutional” – I have repeatedly said it was a “maximalist” demand which in politics means that you will ultimately settle for lesser but substantive concessions from a regime. I have not supported this “resignation of PM Nawaz” demand because he came through a process in a federal scheme of things and demand for his resignation is coming from political parties in two provinces; parties with strong presence in Sindh and Baluchistan are not demanding that so it looks less than convincing; however PM and his team have continuously mismanaged the political situation creating an atmosphere of violence & counter-violence and it looks they don’t want to agree on a meaningful Election Audit through a JIT under a Judicial Commission; they want to resolve this political crisis by using Police and Administrative measures and by the support of Washington & international community – you can see that pattern; I am afraid this approach will lead to more and more unexpected problems in coming weeks with govt finding it more and more difficult to govern or deliver, it will also be more and more dependent on Police & Administration which will compel them to become dictators and civil dictatorship is very difficult…..but I gradually started to support the resignation of CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif, who should resign and face courts and clear his name; this will be politically helpful in terms of resolving this crisis and will make Shahbaz Sharif politically stronger but as you can see he and his family does not want to take this risk – so we are facing a strange situation which is not finding a resolution…

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