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Thursday, May 23, 2024

PM to launch digitalized land records of Islamabad

Prime Minister Imran Khan will launch the cadastral map of Islamabad today that would ensure land records and monitoring of construction projects and will also provide timely information about land ownership just a click away.

Prime Minister Imran Khan would launch the cadastral map of Islamabad Wednesday to curb land record tempering, ensure monitoring of construction through imagery and provide information about land ownership on a single click.

The Cadastral Mapping Project was conceived inspired by the vision of the prime minister to modernize the old Patwar system into the modernized digital online system.

Phase 1

The Survey of Pakistan was assigned the task of cadastral mapping. Phase I comprises digitization of revenue records of three major cities including Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad and state land data of the country with the total cost is Rs 1994 million.

Survey of Pakistan has completed Islamabad Capital Territory digitalization by using Geographical Information System. The organization digitized a total area of 943 sq km which includes 400 sq km of CDA and 543 sq km of ICT rural areas. In total, 70 sectors and 63 societies in CDA and 112 mouza in ICT have been digitized.

It was analyzed that 1512 kanal area has encroached and 5350 kanal area is varying from CDA layout plans.

This will also help overseas Pakistani to verify online information before purchasing land in Islamabad.

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The new system would also help identify the illicit hinging of state land, encroachment of nullah and forest.

Approaching towards geotagging 

The Survey of Pakistan has performed a comparative analysis of 2008 and 2020 for undeveloped sectors on satellite images which would save billions of rupees to CDA administration for compensation during the acquisition of land.

The cadastral mapping would also make easily available the property rights and tenure information, lead to lesser land litigation cases, better taxation, reduction in corrupt practices and land grabbing

The prime minister had also assigned Survey of Pakistan the Geo-Tagging/Mapping and Development of MIS of Evacuee Trust Property Board.

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The duration of the project is one year which would cost Rs 28 million. The project was started on 07-10-2020 and will be concluded on 06-10-2021.

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