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Sunday, February 18, 2024

PM vows to bring employment opportunities to the locals of Naran!

Prime Minister Imran Khan directed the local government to keep the areas clean and make sure that laws for the protection of the environment are being implemented in the area. He said that if such actions are taken, the area will continue to develop and attract international tourists.

In his visit to Pakistan’s North, Prime Minister Imran Khan is to inaugurate the distribution of biodegradable bags in Kaghan Valley.

Associated Press of Pakistan reported that the government is going to be distributing 550,000 biodegradable bags in the famous national tourist destination, Kaghan Valley.


According to media reports, the premier was there to inaugurate many different tourism-related projects.

He is being accompanied by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Mehmood Khan and KP Governor Shah Farman on his visits to various tourist resorts.

As a part of the reafforestation campaign, PM Khan will also plant a sapling of a tree to mark the beginning of various projects in the area.

It must be mentioned that the Prime Minister of Pakistan also addressed the members of PM’s Tigers Force in Naran.

The Prime Minister said that he felt very good as he saw that the area is comparatively greener compared to earlier days. He appreciated commissioner Riaz Khan for his efforts in the area. He said he was happy about the fact that the bureaucracy of Pakistan supports the government in its aim for a “Clean and Green Pakistan”.

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He reiterated that we will leave a Pakistan that is good for the next generations, and they will thank us for it. He said that the earlier generations had been careless regarding the sustainable use of resources.

He said that the incumbent commissioner’s plan for the area if successful would make the valley unmatched anywhere in the world.

He said that the forest guards should be from among the local people, as local people know who are the tree loggers and major litterers in the Kanhar river.

He said that the challenge of the local authorities is to implement the laws that are inscribed.

PM Khan said a proper punishment system should be in place to deter people from destroying the indigenous resources.

Regarding waste management, the prime minister said a proper mechanism should be in place.

Regarding the famous Kunhar river trout fish, which is indigenous to the area, Imran Khan said that he is proud that local authorities have taken steps to prevent overfishing and are allowing the fish population to rejuvenate during the breeding season.

PM said that tourism will generate money, create employment for the area, and that money would be reinvested into the development of the areas, just like Switzerland.

He compared the Northern areas to Switzerland saying that the country is half the size of the Northern areas, earns $80 billion from tourism, while Pakistan’s total exports are a miserly $25 billion.

He said this is due to the implementation of environmental laws in the European nation, and that if such implementation were done in Pakistan, the locals of Northern areas would not have to go anywhere else to find employment opportunities.

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He lastly asked the elected representatives to take interest in this area as this would create employment opportunities and would benefit the MPAs/MNAs personally.