PML-N making fake videos of journalists for blackmail: Shahbaz Gill

Former SAPM Dr. Shahbaz Gill said the Sharif family has hired a London-based tech company to make compromising videos of journalists and channel owners for blackmail. 

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PTI leader Dr. Shahbaz Gill has revealed that fake videos of journalists and channel owners are being made to blackmail them later. He made the revelations during a hard-hitting press conference.

While taking shots at PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz, Former SAPM Dr. Shahbaz Gill said the Sharif family has hired a London-based tech company to make compromising videos of journalists and channel owners for blackmail.

Dr. Shahbaz Gill said the company has been paid by a business tycoon who will receive benefits in the form of contracts and kickbacks. He, however, did not name the businessman, nor the company.

“It is a technology-related company. And its job is to make fabricated audios and videos,” Dr. Shahbaz Gill said. He said that this time non-political individuals will be targeted.

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“They have already done what they wanted to do with political figures. This time they will make videos of non-political individuals which include journalists and channel owners,” Dr. Shahbaz Gill added. He said the order has been given to make fake videos of journalists so that they can be pressurized into reporting pro-PML-N narrative.

Taking a lighter note, Dr. Shahbaz Gill said such tactics would lead to problems in the married lives of journalists. He then warned the wives of journalists that deepfake videos are being made against their husbands and urged them to properly check the video should they receive any.

Not the first time

“Maryam Bibi, you have done this before. For God’s sake, do not do it again. It creates great household problems for people. It even created household problems for people within your party,” Dr. Shahbaz Gill said. To clarify, last year, objectionable videos of PML-N leader Zubair Umar were leaked online.

Pertinent to mention, Maryam Nawaz and her husband Captain Safdar have been accused of leaking compromising videos of political leaders. During the Zubair Umar scandal, netizens believed that Maryam Nawaz leaked his video as either revenge or a warning.

Furthermore, Maryam Nawaz is known to allegedly control the media. Her audio clips regarding the matter have been leaked online where she is deciding on which media channels should receive government advertisements during the previous PML-N tenure.

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