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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

PTI’s Karachi Women Wing deputy secretary’s driver amongst those killed in police encounter in DHA phase IV

A police encounter in Karachi in which 5 individuals were killed earlier today has found itself in intense scrutiny

In Karachi earlier today, the police encounter, in which 5 robbers had been killed, has come into intense scrutiny. It was has been reported by 92 News that one of the alleged robbers was the driver of Laila Parveen, the deputy secretary for the PTI’s ‘Karachi Women Wing.’

Laila revealed that the car used in the alleged robbery belonged to her husband, and the house in which the alleged robbery had taken place also belonged to them. Later she said that she found out that her driver named Abbas had been killed in a ‘police encounter.’

While speaking to 92 News, she revealed that her mother-in-law and another female relative had been present in the house when the police arrived. She said that neighbors had informed her that the police arrived early in the morning and took away her driver, mother-in-law, and the female relative.

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The car that had been used in the alleged robbery belonged to Laila’s husband, who is a lawyer.

“Their phones are turned off, and we have no clue where they are,” she said when asked if she knew where her mother-in-law and the female relative are.

She said that the driver had been asleep when the police arrived, and the police took him then; she said that she had only learned of his death from reports. Laila is currently in Islamabad and said that she would do a press conference on the matter as soon as she gets back to Karachi.

She expressed how distraught she was at the news; the driver had been working for them for five years and was an innocent man.

Police have not commented on the allegations.

The police have not commented on the allegations but have explained that they received a call on 15 in which they were informed of a potential robbery in Laila’s house.

“They took my mother in law and the driver, later we learned that he had been killed. The driver had been sleeping in the house, where he was tending to my mother-in-law, who has not been feeling well; he used to stay with her in the hospital and was taking care of her. We still don’t know where my mother-in-law and the female relative are,” said Laila Parveen.

Robbers or victims?

Police earlier today had claimed the killing of five suspected robbers in an alleged encounter in Karachi’s DHA Phase IV locality.

According to police officials, the robbers had gained entry into a residence in the area, which later turned out to be Laila Parveen’s house, and police patrols reached the spot soon after being informed by a 15 call.

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Upon arrival, the police party came under fire from the suspects and were subsequently killed in retaliatory fire by the law enforcers, the police had claimed.

Senior Superintendent of Police Zubair Nazir had said that the suspects had used a double-cabin vehicle to reach the residence, and a cache of arms and ammunition was also recovered from the vehicle.

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“The suspects have been identified as members of a ‘gang from southern Punjab,’ the investigation is ongoing,” said the SSP and added that the suspects’ criminal record was also being checked.

The bodies of the suspects were shifted to Jinnah Hospital for medico-legal formalities.

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