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Friday, April 12, 2024

Police granted 3-day transitory remand of anchor Jameel Farooqui

After being detained for "falsely accusing" the police of abusing PTI leader Shahbaz Gill physically and sexually, anchor and well-known YouTuber Jameel Farooqi was arrested and the court gave his three-day transitory remand to the police.

A first information report (FIR) was filed against the journalist Jameel Farooqui at the Ramna police station.

Investigation officer (IO) Mian Muhammad Shehbaz today submitted Farooqui to Judicial Magistrate Ali Sher Chandio. The officer asked the judge to authorise the journalist’s transfer to Islamabad.

The magistrate looked over the case file, including the transit permit from the Sindh home office, during the hearing. He asked if the suspect had been tortured while being held, but Farooqui made no claims of mistreatment.

The defendant, however, claimed that his family was unaware of his arrest. The judge then ordered the police to notify Farooqui’s family of the incident.

The magistrate also noted that the police record showed that the matter pertained to the Ramna police station where the FIR was lodged but the accused could not be traced and was later apprehended near the Cantonment General Hospital in Karachi.

“In the given situation, the police office’s request seems justified to the extent of granting Farooqui to transit police custody remand; and hence, the accused is remanded to such police custody for three days,” he ruled.

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Torture accusations

In a recent video posted by official twitter account of Zartaj Gul, the anchorperson accuses the police of maltreatment.

Twitter Trend

People are demanding the immediate release of Jameel Farooqui as #جمیل_فاروقی_کو_فوری_رہا_کرو becomes a top twitter trend.

A user also tweeted a picture of the anchor’s inured neck.


The recent campaign against journalists is a breach of the basic and fundamental human right to free expression. Pakistan is gradually turning into a hotbed of human rights abuses, and some institutions are attempting to prevent the general populace from speaking out. The most recent occurrences, however, have only served to enrage and inspire the populace to speak out for their liberties.