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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Police seize the vehicle of driver drifting in Islamabad

After the complaint from a Twitter user, Islamabad Police responded by apprehending the vehicle that was used to drift on the roads of D12 Islamabad.

A Twitter user posted a video where a car can be seen drifting on the empty roads at night. Refereeing to the Islamabad Police, the user complained why they haven’t paid attention to the problems happening in the area despite having a police station nearby. According to her caption, the incident took place in D12 Islamabad.

Acting promptly on the complaint, the Twitter handle of Islamabad Police confirmed that the vehicle in question has been apprehended at Police Station Chowki D12.

According to Islamabad Capital Territory Amendment Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1965, reckless driving and carelessly car racing are violations of law and are punishable.

Drift racing is very dangerous, since there is little control available during the turns which can result in crashes or the vehicle flipping altogether. Drifting also damages the tires of the car, and they need to be changed quite regularly due to misuse.

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Red Bull also recently came under fire after two Red Bull-branded cars executed a synchronized drifting maneuver that created 2,000 square meters of damage at the Saint Sofia Cathedral, Ukraine. The church is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Red Bull apologized for the damage done, and promised to send crew to clean up the mess it made. Allegedly, there’s a police investigation being conducted, the two cars used have been impounded, and the estimated cost to restore the damages is nearly US$2,000.

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Drifting culture is popular amongst youngsters due to its glamorized projection in films and car racing events. However, all the stunts performed on television are done by experts and all precautionary measures are taken which is why such activities should not be reciprocated in real life in order to prevent accidents.