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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Policemen in Federal Capital to be equipped with “Body Cameras”

Reports reveal that policemen in Islamabad will be equipped with small and portable body cameras, which will record their interactions with the general public, and deter them from taking bribes or acting irresponsibly.

Policemen in Islamabad will be provided with body cameras as part of their official gear with the purpose of creating video evidence. These body cameras will be used to record their encounters with ordinary citizens, witnesses, suspects, and passersby, and the videos can be used in court in the form of evidence if the need arises.

This measure has been undertaken in a bid to restore public faith in the ability and honesty of the police force and will be implemented across the federal capital without delay.

Policemen with Body Cameras

The body cameras will allow the law enforcement personnel to make recordings of all their encounters, with civilians, suspects and all other relevant parties. These recordings will aid in ensuring the transparency of all parties involved, allowing the general public and victims to gain more confidence in the abilities and honesty of the police force.

Speaking to the media on Sunday, officials revealed that these recordings will create an official recording of the interaction, which can be verified by both parties later, allowing the authorities to establish the truth with concrete evidence.

Islamabad Inspector General of Police (IGP) Muhammad Aamir Zulfiqar revealed that the video cameras are a part of the Safe City Project and will aid the police force in regulating the policemen serving at various avenues across the federal capital. The IGP said, “These cameras are linked with the Safe City Project.”

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IGP Muhammad Aamir Zulfiqar added, “In this manner, the complaints against policemen, especially those serving at police pickets, can be resolved automatically.”

Reports reveal that twenty body cameras will be procured during the testing face. Once the testing phase has concluded, these cameras will be provided to policemen serving at different police stations across the federal capital.

The video recordings will film the police’s interaction with civilians, assailants, suspects, and victims, forcing them to act with decency and responsibility. It is expected that this move will aid in restoring the public’s faith in the police force, an institution that is disgraced by practices of bribes, harshness, and fake encounters.

These portable and small body cameras are expected to be beneficial for both, the police force and the general public. In certain instances, policemen have been seen abusing and even beating women as well. It can be hoped that the advent of body cameras will put an end to the practices of cruelty and bribery, deterring policemen from all unlawful practices.