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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Policy, strategy and leadership deficit in countering terrorism

Muhammad Ali Nekokara | Nov 03, 2016

The terrorist attack on Police Training College (PTC) Quetta on October 24, including the loss of 62 police and army personnel and injuries to more than 100 others, is heart wrenching. The sacrifice of these martyrs who were the hope and support of their aging parents, grandparents, siblings and, in number of cases, of their young wives and toddlers has brought an untimely and tragic end to promising young lives and careers. The young martyred police personnel, though committed to laying down their lives for their country, would never have wanted to lose their lives as sitting ducks while sleeping unarmed and unguarded. This has brought irremediable losses, agonisingly painful mournings and perpetual suffering to the families of the martyrs. This tragic incident coming on the heels of the terrorist attack on Quetta’s Civil Hospital on August 8, that resulted in death of 70 lawyers, warrants serious introspection and review of our counter-terrorism approach in the province. As for our internal and external security polices since 1950s, there is considerably less to be proud about and a good deal to be embarrassed about. We need to make amends quickly for our past and current failures in this regard as the citizens inside and international community abroad are increasingly frustrated with our lack of clarity vis-a-vis counterterrorism…

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