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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Post-affidavit scenario: Has Maryam Nawaz won the battle?

The political scenario in Pakistan is engulfed with legal uncertainties after accountability court judge Arshad Malik, who is currently embroiled in the so-called judge video scandal, penned a letter Friday to the Islamabad High Court (IHC) wherein he refuted Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Vice President Maryam Nawaz’s claims and revealed other information related to the controversy.

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In an affidavit submitted to the IHC, Malik denied the contents of the video — which purportedly showed him admitting to a lack of evidence against former prime minister Nawaz Sharif — and termed them edited, fabricated, and aimed to defame him. He further revealed that he was offered a bribe by the son of Nawaz Sharif and also threatened of dire consequences if he does not cooperate with Sharif family.

But while speaking to a private TV channel form London Hussain Nawaz has rejected the allegations and has maintained that the case is before a court of law. “I won’t comment on the case now,” he said.

There are quite a few chances that the court may order to look into the case all over again.

Salman Akram Raja, prominent lawyer of Supreme Court of Pakistan, also commented on the affidavit and pointed out if the judge was too late to write it. “Arshad Malik Sb’s affidavit states he came under pressure because of a video of his activities & made statements that were recorded; that he was threatened & bribes were offered but remained quiet & has no witnesses. The affidavit is like a much delayed FIR. Transparent conduct?”

People are questioning why did not he report to his boss while he was receiving threats from the Sharif family?

Moreover, the IHC on Friday ordered to attach the affidavit of accountability court judge Arshad Malik with the appeals of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and other accused against the judgements in corruption references.

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Legal experts believe that since the judge has been removed and an affidavit has been submitted, there are some legal questions which needs to be understood. There are quite a few chances that the court may order to look into the case all over again. If it happens there are some prospects of Maryam and Nawaz may be awarded even stricter sentence since Maryam is also accused of submitting bogus documents before the court.