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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Post-Covid-19: Less freedom, more surveillance

All the rights and freedoms you enjoyed a few months ago are gone, the sad truth is, you surrendered almost all of them voluntarily.

It still amazes me how many people are under the impression that life will return to normal once this lockdown is lifted. Do you seriously think this whole fake demic has been for nothing? And nothing would be changed in the post-Covid-19 world? All because of a so-called virus that is scientifically proven to be no more deadly than seasonal flu, we should just forget the virus and treat it as a hoax?.

Look at the bigger picture, and see exactly what’s been happening around you since this all started. The Geopolitics being played out by corrupt governments and organisations around the world should be the first big clue. Name another virus or bug in history that has caused the devastation and mass hysteria worldwide as this one has, and no the Great Plague / Black Death did not bring the world to its knees either, and neither did Rabies or Ebola – the two deadliest viruses known to man.

But this years flu strain (rebranded with a fancy name) has caused virtual armageddon. The global economy has crashed, hundreds of thousands of small to medium businesses are going bust with the loss of millions of jobs worldwide. Most of the global population is locked up – the vast majority of whom are healthy and at most will only develop a mild illness should they get the hoax virus.

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Post-Covid-19: Tightening control around citizens’ lives

Emergency powers were rushed through parliament (without any scrutiny) giving the government full and total control of every aspect of your lives and giving the police the authority to enforce a strict communist-style police state that you’d only get in China as a rule. All the rights and freedoms you enjoyed a few months ago are gone, the sad truth is you surrendered almost all of them voluntarily. We also now have a culture of informing, a typical trait of any authoritarian regime, who better to police the people, than the people themselves.

Forget the conspiracy aspects of what this is all about, no one knows for sure yet where this is ultimately going. The one thing we do know for sure is that once this lockdown is over, we will have a society living under mass surveillance, plans are already in motion to introduce tracking and tracing UK wide. The authorities will know where you are, who you’re with, how long you’ve been out, places you visited etc 24/7. And once the vaccine is available, people will be required to have it, to get the certificate they will need to be able to go out and about their business.

Moreover, the national ID scheme the government has always wanted now sneaked in, in the form of a vaccination. This is the first part of the “new normal” we’re being encouraged to adapt too. and the government and its scientific advisors have made it quite clear that tracking and social distancing will not be going away, they’re vital to preventing a second wave remember.

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Hidden agenda being pursued; a Jew’s narration of holocaust

I know we all have our own opinions, and I respect every one of them. I’m not trying to influence anyone, one way or the other. I’m simply pointing out that the life we knew before has gone, yes it’s a hard concept to grasp for many people, but that doesn’t change the fact it’s happening right in front of our eyes. There are some evil and vile people out there in positions of power, do not underestimate the lengths they will go in the post-Covid-19 world with their quest for absolute power and control. History is littered with examples of the ruthless persecuting and killing large swathes of their people to push through an agenda.

In that regard, I remember an interview I saw with a Jewish lady a while back, talking about the holocaust. She said: “We were told the Nazis were murdering jews but we didn’t believe it, even when we got to the camps we still didn’t believe it, and when families were stripped naked and told they were going for a shower.. they went willingly because they just couldn’t bring themselves to accept that the Nazis would murder innocent people for no good reason.” I won’t forget that interview, she summed up everything better than I ever could with just that one statement.

Kanwar Dilshad, former Secretary to the Election Commission of Pakistan, worked in the constitutional institution for over 30 years. He is currently the chairperson for the National Democratic Foundation; the foundation’s work is to grow and strengthen democracy in Pakistan. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.