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Sunday, April 14, 2024

President Alvi reacts to Twitteratis hailing Shafqat Mahmood

Students had expressed extreme pleasure in the closure of schools, colleges, and universities and hailed Shafqat Mahmood on social media.

On Tuesday, the President of Pakistan, Arif Alvi, reacted to the social media buzz on the closure of educational institutions across Pakistan, the decision announced by the federal education minister, Shafqat Mahmood to control the spread of coronavirus in the country.

President Alvi took to Twitter to comment on the ongoing frenzy and messages of appreciation poured in on Twitter for Mahmood by students from all over the country. Students had expressed extreme pleasure in the closure of schools, colleges, and universities and hailed Mahmood. The social media platform inundated with hilarious messages, posts, and memes on Monday, reflecting the ‘relief’ and ‘joy’ students felt following the decision.

President Arif Alvi to Shafqat Mahmood

The federal minister trended atop on Twitter, even Pakistani President could not resist commenting on the frenzy. President Alvi tagged federal education minister, Shafqat Mahmood, in a tweet. Perhaps, President Alvi had enjoyed the hilarious reactions of internet users.

“@Shafqat_Mahmood phenomenon was remarkable. Youth were pleased with the decision of school/college closure because of Covid. They showed their appreciation in such a beautiful manner. Pakistan is a country of happy people. Let nobody take that away from us,” wrote President Alvi in the tweet.

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In the media briefing yesterday, Mahmood asserted that the National Command and Operative Center (NCOC) has decided to shut down educational institutions from November 26th till January 11th. Education will be provided online and will continue until December 24. There will be winter holidays from December 25 to January 10.


In another Twitter message, Mahmood reasserted that the decision applies to every educational institution irrespective of its affiliations to any provincial authority.

“When we say all educational institutions will close on Nov 26 and students will home learn, we mean ALL institutions without exception,” wrote Mahmood in a tweet.

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While a wide majority hailed the decision of closure of educational institutions, a small number of students lamented the decision on the concerns of the loss of education. Some students agreed to the online classes of the theoretical subject but expressed concerns on the suspension of practical work and lab practices. A Twitter user rightly pointed out the risk of the suspension of the lab and practical learning for medical students.

COVID-19: Calls to delay MDCAT

Others had requested to delay the aptitude and entrance examination of MDCAT. The internet users asserted that nearly 1.5 lac students are expected to take the tests with 3000 students registered at each center. Hence, there exists a high probability of the violation of COVID-19 SOPs with such a high strength of students present at each center.

MDCAT 2020 has been trending on social media to attract the attention of government institutions on the relevant concerns. The test is scheduled for 29th November. While all the tests and interviews have been delayed countrywide to control the spread of COVID-19, students expect the government to save their lives and future by delaying MDCAT for at least a month.

Several internet users argued that students suffering from COVID-19 will also appear for the exam to secure admission in the coming academic year, which will risk the lives of other students as well. The trend has been shared for 51.1k times on Twitter since yesterday.

According to recent reports, the government has given a go-ahead to the scheduled MDCAT with strict COVID-19 guidelines amid calls to postpone it.