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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

President Trump or PM Khan: Who is playing media war SAFE & EASY amid corona crisis?

Trump has slammed US journalists on their criticism on Covid-19 handling. But Trump's apparently 'good friend' Prime Minister Imran Khan, is dealing the roaring Pakistani media courteously. So who’s dealing better?

U.S. President Trump is coming under increasing attack for the grumpy and boorish response to sharp criticism from American media over the sluggish and delayed response to control the outbreak of coronavirus in the country.

American media claims President Trump administration dragged its feet to timely respond to the outbreak, plunging the country into an alarmingly uncontrollable situation, leading the United States to become the new epicenter of coronavirus. Moreover, American media believes that shaky and allegedly ill-thought decisions regarding the lockdown in the U.S.A would impact his re-election in the upcoming elections.


It further claims that President Trump’s decisions related to measures on the coronavirus outbreak are largely influenced by attacks and advice from media allies on top of advice from health officials.

Unable to absorb the blistering criticism from media and opponents, President Trump shot back with crude remarks against journalists and media. Often engaging in altercations with opponents and snubbing media personnel for hard questions over the inadequate efforts to support the health system, and citizens.

For President Trump, it is allegedly a planned manipulation by American media to intensify panic and fear among the public to fail him.

NBC Reporter Peter Alexander asked Donald Trump: “Nearly 200 dead, 14,000 sick, millions are scared. What would you say to Americans who are watching you right now, who are scared?

Alexander’s question lasted nine seconds.

US President Trump: “I’d say that you’re a terrible reporter. That’s what I’d say. I think that’s a very nasty question. And I’d say it’s a very bad signal that you are putting out there.”

Trump’s response lasted for about 40 seconds.

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His several unsavory exchanges with American media exuded his frustration and unhappiness on the criticism. However, despite the fiery remarks, President Trump is engaged in a tough battle with American media.

Meanwhile, in Pakistan, it is the other way round, President Trump’s apparently ‘good friend’ Prime Minister Imran Khan, is dealing roaring Pakistani media responsibly on an urgent health crisis of pandemic coronavirus in the country. Despite provocation, Prime Minister Imran Khan exuded patience and tactfully responded to the questions.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has directly engaged with the leading journalists and anchorpersons in multiple media briefings and countered the blistering and unsavory questions with grace and wisdom, prompting appreciation even from his staunch detractors.

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Imran Khan did lose his cool and remained composed and responded to the questions with facts, coherent plans and facts and figures. He responded with grace to the questions on Sayed Zulfi Bukhari and to the extremely outrageous comments by a leading journalist that “That if the economy went bust Am I going to take Khan by his collar .”

Social media users believe that many of the senior journalists lacked basic protocols of communicating with a premier while most of them were present to mock and demean him. A renowned journalist had to even apologize publicly later on following the backlash on his disparaging and harsh interaction with Prime Minister Imran Khan.