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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Prevent Rigging Tomorrow Via Whatsapp

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Addressing multiple issues which resulted from the 2013 General Elections, the Election Commission of Pakistan has been busy taking precautionary measures against the rigging of elections as of this year.

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The general elections are so close, that the leaders can practically taste the results as of now.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) making many promises has talked about multiple precautionary measures including the largest ever deployment of law enforcement and security personals in Pakistan.

Another approach is being discussed upon, according to informal sources on the matter of making online groups to further eliminate possibilities of rigging during elections.

These informal, local sources stated that it was proposed to create WhatsApp Groups for every province in the country, which will consist of politician members who will witness all ongoing activities regarding the elections.

Everyone in the digital media era is familiar with the App called ‘WhatApp’. It is a formal social media site, used for communication via messages, including online chatting with its recent updates of audio and video chat.

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These groups would be used as a platform where videos will be uploaded in case of any rigging being witnessed on the part of any person, be it, politician, leader, security personnel, voter, etc.

Everyone will be urged to make videos of any such activity which shows the involvement of anyone in any sort of unfair means of polling, or rigging and then this video should be sent on those groups.

These videos would act as evidence and be shared with media platforms as well.

However, how would these videos be shared from the public or any person to that of the admin of these WhatsApp groups, was not disclosed by the sources?

This suggestion was based on Imran Khan’s uprising against the 2013 general elections, by addressing his complaints and matter of rigging.


Hundreds of tweets and pressure groups were formed after the announcement of results in 2013, thus authorities and stakeholders are willing to exhaust all possible resources for the sake of free and fair elections for 2018.