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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Prince DFSK reduces its car prices by almost Rs. 500,000

Regal Automobile Industries Limited has announced a reduction in the prices of Prince DFSK cars as an appreciation of the Rupee is seen against the US Dollar.

The wave of price cuts continues as Regal Automobiles has also announced a price reduction for Prince DFSK cars.

Moreover, it is pertinent to mention that the Pakistani Rupee has shown a great recovery of up to Rs. 214.87 after falling to almost Rs. 240 a month back.

The strengthening of the local currency has allowed automotive companies to reduce their car prices and provide a benefit to their customers, as previously the price hikes made most of the cars out of their reach.

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Therefore, companies like Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC), Honda Atlas, Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC), and United Motors had also announced price cuts to spur their sales.

New prices

The company has revised all its prices and Prince Pearl now costs Rs. 1,749,000 with a difference of Rs. 171,000 against the old price of Rs. 1,920,000.

Likewise, the model DFSK Glory 580 Pro has also experienced a price cut of Rs. Rs. 450,000, having a new price of Rs. 6,100,000. Similarly, the price of the base variant Glory 580 1.5L CVT has reduced up to Rs. 5,610,000 compared to Rs. 6,105,000, and the new price of the model Glory 580 1.8L CVT is Rs. 5,806,000, against the old price of Rs. 6,256,000.  The model K07 Humsafar now costs Rs. 2,469,000 compared to Rs. 2,549,000.

However, the company has not announced any revised rates for the Prince K07 variant as yet.

Terms and conditions for the new prices

The prices mentioned above are the maximum retail prices including taxes and dealer commission.

Moreover, any impact on the price due to change in rupee against USD, government levies, tariff structure, fiscal policies, and import policies will be on account of the customer.

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Additionally, all the prices are subject to change without prior notice and the price prevailing at the time of delivery shall be applicable. Furthermore, the bookings with full prices before the issuance of the subject circular will be delivered at old prices, and the dealer commission would remain the same.