Princess Diana wanted to live in Pakistan with love of her life Hasnat Khan

The royal expert, Eve Pollard who has produced the documentary, asserted that Princess of Wales often asked about life in South Asia from Jemima Goldsmith, the first wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

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Princess Diana was willing to marry a Pakistani doctor Hasnat Khan and settle in Pakistan, reveals the new documentary Diana: Her Last Summer. A royal expert says Princess Diana, the mother of Prince Harry and Prince Willam, wanted to marry the love of her life, Dr. Hasnat Khan.

The new documentary on Princess Diana will air on Channel 5 in the UK reported Daily Mail Online. The royal expert, Eve Pollard who has produced the documentary, asserted that Princess of Wales often asked about life in South Asia from Jemima Goldsmith, the first wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Jemima Goldsmith married Imran Khan in 1995. The marriage lasted for nearly nine years before the couple parted ways in 2004.

“The idea that the Princess of Wales was going to marry and live with the Pakistani doctor was not what we were expecting,” Pollard said.

“She had long conversations with Jemima Khan, who had married Imran Khan and Diana was wondering if it was something she could do,” she added.

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Princess Diana-Hasnat Khan courtship

Various commentators have shed light on the private courtship between Princess Diana and Hasnat Khan in the documentary.

Princess Diana visited Pakistan thrice. She made her last trip to Pakistan in 1997 along with Jemima Goldsmith. According to the publication, Diana took the time out to meet the family of Hasnat Khan. She “secretly met Hasnat’s parents, but the attention it brought shook the foundations of the relationship, which the heart specialist had wanted to keep private,” said the publication.

Extensive public and media attention became the cause of the breakup. Since Hasnat Khan wanted to keep the relationship between them private. Also, only a few confidantes of Diana knew about her relationship with Hasnat Khan.

This included Paul Burrell, “who said he used to sneak notoriously private Haznat into the Kensington Palace in the boot of his car”, the publication reported.

“I would bring him into Kensington Palace in the boot of my car or underneath a blanket in the backseat of my car,” Paul told documentary makers.

“‘The police never stopped me and I’d take him off in the back entrance. From there on their romance blossomed and they met him on dates outside of the palace too.”

Former BBC journalist, Jennie Bond also shared details of the relationship in the documentary. she said: “I remember her telling me once that she left the palace to go and watch open-heart surgery. She said ‘it’s so important Jennie’.”


Another correspondent, Richard Kay, said: “She was enormously attracted to Hasnat. He was such as kind, really solid bloke, there’s something slightly Mills and Boons if you like, something about a woman falling in love with a doctor, a heart surgeon no less.”

Diana was heartbroken after the breakup that she came to believe that “no one will ever want her”. Diana then started dating Harrods owner Muhammad Al-Fayed in France. Both died together in the car accident.

Paul Burrell, Diana’s butler, said she deliberately allowed lots of pictures with him in the paparazzi in the hopes Hasnat would see them.

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“Every time Diana rang me she would ask about Hasnat, asking if I’d seen him, if I’d been to his pub, if he’d seen the photos, to see what he said,” Paul said

He added: “Hasnat was furious that Diana could turn to someone like Dodi, he knew that wasn’t his Diana — the son of a multimillionaire and a playboy”.

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