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Monday, July 15, 2024

Princess Sara Zeid of Jordan arrives in Pakistan today

Following Queen Maxima of Netherlands and Britain's royal couple, Princess Sara of Jordan will reach Pakistan on Tuesday. Her official visit will be in the capacity of the special adviser to the World Food Program on the nutrition of women and children.

Princess Sara Zeid of Jordan is expected to land in Pakistan on Tuesday in the capacity of the special adviser to the World Food Program on maternal and child health and nutrition. She will be on a four-day visit to Pakistan in which she will highlight the imperativeness of nutrition to women and children.

She will review the progress of WFP-funded nutrition programs and will review the support provided by WFP to the government’s nutrition programs. Malnutrition and stunting are defined as the major problem in Pakistan, with two-thirds of children are affected by the condition in Pakistan.

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The officials of the Islamic Development Bank will accompany Princess Sara on her tour to Pakistan. Nearly 60% of the population in Pakistan is juggling with food insecurity, claimed the 2018 report of National Nutrition Survey despite momentous efforts made by Pakistan to eliminate food insecurity and beef up the availability of food to vulnerable class, particularly women.


The high level of food insecurity has been associated with insufficient availability of food to women and children, especially in vulnerable classes.

World Food Program is assisting Pakistan to address this wide nutrition gap among the vulnerable section of the society. It assists the government in malnutrition activities, helping them to identify and assists food-deprived groups of people. The goal is to enable adequate food access to children under 5, adolescent girls and women of reproductive by 2025.

Pakistan is also the signatory of the Scale-Up Nutrition movement in 2013. The government’s Ministry of Planning and Development officially joined the movement and kicked off a campaign in the country to eradicate malnutrition in Pakistan. The movement was launched to improve the nutrition situation of the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in Pakistan.

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Meanwhile, Princess Sara’s visit comes a day after Queen Maxima of Netherland who arrived on Monday in Pakistan. The Netherlands’ Queen Maxima will stay in Pakistan from November 25th to 27th. Queen Maxima serves as a special advocate of the UN Secretary-General for Inclusive Finance for Development.

Last month, Britain’s royal couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton marked their first visit to Pakistan.


The increased visit of royalties and dignitaries to Pakistan mark the increasing trust of the global community on Pakistan. The country is successfully rising above the plague of terrorism and a dangerous country to travel. With a relentless and crucial war against terrorism, Pakistan has successfully curtailed terrorism in the country to a large extent.

Saudi Crown Prince, Muhammad bin Salman was the first royal to visit the country during Khan’s premiership last year. Pakistan anticipates hosting further dignitaries in the future.