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Monday, November 27, 2023

How will private schools react to NCOC decision? Speculation rife

The All Pakistan Private Schools and Colleges Association (APPSCA) last week threatened nationwide protests if schools are forcibly closed

Last week the All Pakistan Private Schools and Colleges Association (APPSCA) announced that they would reject educational institutions’ closure due to the coronavirus pandemic. They also announced that they would hold countrywide protests.

Educational ministers have recommended school closure from the 25th of November to the 24th of December. They announced this after a meeting of the NCOC (National Command Operational Center).

However, they also announced that they would close the institutions after consulting all stakeholders in case of ‘extreme emergency’. They said that they would be able to close the institutions from 15th December to 5th January.

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The President of APPSACA, Malik Abrar Hussain, said that any attempt to close educational institutions forcefully will be unacceptable and met with nationwide protests.

He explained that strict lockdowns previously had brought much distress to the educational sector and that thousands of educational institutions were in a financial crisis.

Abrar Hussain also said that lockdowns should also be imposed on all the government offices, markets, and transport and railways services.

The government should give relief package to private schools

The APPSACA announced that if schools’ closure is necessary, then the government should provide a relief package for the educational sector.

Abrar explained that online learning is not available to the entire country because it is not available in rural parts of the country, where even electricity is a novelty.

The APPSACA announced that the government should not take unilateral actions and consult all the stakeholders before making a final decision.

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The financial repercussions of the six-month closure have been very mitigating to the educational sector.

“We salute the teachers who continued their education through online classes,” said Hiraj, noting that it is very surprising that the government is considering closing schools from 23 November.

It had been announced earlier in the summer that a winter break would not be granted. Still, now it seems likely that the government will call for extended winter vacations as the coronavirus cases have begun resurging in the country.

The officer bearers had presented their recommendations to the government before the meeting of the NCOC today.

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