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Monday, July 15, 2024

Pro-Palestine activists disrupt Kamala Harris on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Activists, who were illegally detained and forced to turn over their IDs, asserted their First Amendment rights and attempted to leave.

Last night, CODEPINK Inland Empire and CODEPINK Southeast LA joined a coalition of peace activists at the live taping of Vice President Kamala Harris’ appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The activists, representing various groups including Chino Valley for Palestinian Liberation, Palestinian Christians for Justice, Pasadena for Palestine, Claremont Graduate Students for a Free Palestine, and autonomous Los Angeles residents, aimed to remind the public that “business as usual” should not continue amidst a genocide.

Security personnel approached and removed several activists from the audience before Vice President Harris arrived onstage. After her introduction and seating, the activists initiated a series of disruptions, which led to their illegal detention and physical assault by security. Despite being told they were under arrest, no Miranda rights were read, and no badges or authority were presented.

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Activists, who were illegally detained and forced to turn over their IDs, asserted their First Amendment rights and attempted to leave. They were met with excessive physical restraint, including a security guard putting one activist in a chokehold until others intervened. This act of violence, clearly shown in video footage, was unprovoked and unnecessary.

The coalition demands that The Jimmy Kimmel Show address and apologize for the brutal force used, which left one man bruised and swollen.

CODEPINK Inland Empire member Rachael O’Neill stated, “We reject business as usual as the Israeli government carries out a genocide against Palestinians in Gaza, with the unconditional support of the Biden/Harris administration. Our action today aimed to pressure the administration to align their words with actions: stop arming Israel and support a permanent ceasefire resolution at the UN.”

After being detained in the building’s atrium, security eventually unlocked the gates and released the activists without further incident. They joined previously removed activists outside for a Free Palestine rally.

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This protest comes as the genocide in Gaza enters its ninth month, with nearly 40,000 Palestinian lives lost. Activists criticize the Biden administration for its continued support of Israeli military actions. Organizers highlight Harris’s campaign trail emphasis on protecting women’s rights, contrasting it with her support for military actions that have killed and maimed over 20,000 women and children in Gaza.

The demands for immediate action include an arms embargo and cessation of aid to Israel, alongside a call for a permanent ceasefire to end the ongoing violence and humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the West Bank. These demands are echoed nationwide as the movement for a Free Palestine grows and Israel’s intent to ethnically cleanse Palestinians becomes increasingly apparent.