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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Protection of Customer Data crucial for Banking Industry

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The importance of customer data and storage is of utmost importance especially in the banking industry.  As banks have become increasingly dependent on electronic technological solutions not only for their day to day tasks but using technology to create new markets, such as providing coverage to previously financially unbanked people, their work on updating themselves in this field has become even more significant. Recently, the National Bank of Pakistan engaged Dell EMC and Megaplus Pakistan, who are corporate partners to Dell EMC, for employing its state-of-the-art data backup and recovery solutions. They have become the bank’s enterprise provider, implementing the Enterprise Backup Solution project.

Dell EMC is a juggernaut in the global IT industry, having the highest market-share in the data-storage solutions market. Its target market includes large companies and public enterprises. It has transformed from a data storage platform to software and services enabling organization–to not just store but also manage, protect, and analyze data. EMC sells products and services, designed to allow IT departments to move to Cloud Computing and Virtualization, for the analysis of big data.

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Banks, like NBP are increasingly aware of the need to provide high-end services to customers through building up capacity in technological capabilities, whilst keeping data protection a core concern. Black Swan events like 9/11 and others have highlighted the need for disaster recovery set-ups both in online and offline locations. This has also become over the past decade an important compliance requirement.

The NBP team looks forward to the smooth and successful performance of their new data solutions and expects business and customer satisfaction throughout the lifecycle of the package.

Biometrics Based Access Control Systems

Pakistani banks face increasing problems as they have started to use data which has come from multiple platforms. This is especially important as banks – such as NBP- move away from being dependent on tape media and old legacy techniques, which enhances the need for data protection.

The shift to secure data analytics with real-time access represents some of the most innovative applications of data that are shaping the future. The National Bank of Pakistan engaged the Enterprise Backup Solution to ensure that critical information assets were protected. It took its concerns to the very top of the hierarchy to Megaplus Pakistan, one of Dell EMC’s earliest partners in Pakistan, to provide its services. Established in 1994, Megaplus Pakistan is the largest distributor and service provider of Dell and EMC products in multiple countries.

Megaplus specializes in software development for industrial purposes specifically biometric-based access control systems – as was requested in NBP’s case. Their products and services range from servers, memory banks, data libraries, and networking products to client systems, such as workstations, notebooks, and computers as well as dedicated software and relevant peripheral support.

The National Bank of Pakistan has contracted with Dell EMC for employing its state-of-the-art data backup and recovery solutions as their enterprise provider in ceremony Earlier on Tuesday.

An inauguration event was attended by Mr. Tariq Jamali, President NBP, Mr. Shahid Saeed (Group Chief ITG/CIO, NBP), Mr. Naved Siraj (Dell EMC), Mr. Asim Bokhari (CEO Megaplus) and Mr. Shahnawaz Khan (EVP/ Division Head- Infrastructure & Technology Division, ITG). Speaking at the event, Mr. Shahid Saeed highlighted the efforts of the NBP for adopting true IT-based banking to financially activate unbanked people. ‘NBP aims to provide high-end services to customers through technology capacity building. In that regard, data protection is a core concern of the bank’, he added.

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Mr. Saeed emphasized the need to strictly strengthen the protection of its customer’s data and ensuring the various departments complied on the regulations with an effort to meet goals. “The implementation of an enterprise backup and recovery solution has always been of the utmost priority for NBP ITG,” he said.

Mr. Asim Bokhari, CEO for Megaplus, assured that the implementation of secure data solutions was in the best hands– as the company is known for its outright affiliations with Dell EMC and has undergone tremendous growth over the last decade successfully achieving various major projects in its industry.

Established in 1994 it is part of the Megaplus Group and remains to this day as the largest distributor and service provider of Dell and EMC products in multiple countries.

Mr. Naveed Siraj said that Dell EMC in partnership with Megaplus was keen on bringing NBP onboard its clientele–all of who enjoy company’s cutting-edge technological solution. They pledged to provide the necessary support and technical assistance as well as consultation services to NBP during its journey. Dell EMC would only be too eager to extend full support to the bank as another success story bodes well for all involved parties, Siraj affirmed.

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Realization of these new and increasingly serious challenges regarding data protection is becoming more and more relevant for IT. The NBP IT Infrastructure team took the initiative to modernize its backup and recovery solutions to deploy a contemporary, robust, scalable and reliable platform.

Ultimately this will allow the bank to confidently recover data for operational recovery, disaster recovery and compliance requirements. It is believed that the smooth and successful performance of the NBP’s new data solutions will ensure bank the business and customer satisfaction throughout the lifecycle of the package.