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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Protesting Lawyers thrashed Minister Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan

Protesting lawyers thrashed PTI minister Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan who was on-premises to dissolve the tension between lawyers and doctors. CM Punjab, Usman Buzdar looks totally helpless with Health Minister like a prisoner inside hospital. Is this just lawyers versus doctors or some political faction behind this mayhem?

Lawyers protesting outside Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) in Lahore thrashed PTI minister Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan who arrived on spot to mediate between both the parties i.e. doctors and lawyers.

Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan claims lawyers tried to abduct him and vowed legal action against all the lawyers present there. Punjab Information Minister vowed to make an example out of such extremist elements present inside the department.

Senior advocate Aitazaz ul Hassan commented on the event and said ‘today our heads are bowed due to shame’. He added that lawyers should have protected a minister instead of manhandling him. He claims to have been deeply saddened by the event. Chohan was there only to mediate between the warring lawyers and doctors.

Lawyers protesting against doctors have attacked the Punjab Institute of Cardiology who have ransacked hospital premises. Punjab’s Health Minister, Yasmeen Rashid, is like a prisoner inside the hospital being harassed by young doctors who are protesting against lawyers and police for the situation around hospital.

Dr. Moeed Pirzada, a prominent TV anchor also expressed his bewilderment over lawyers’ attitude towards a minister.

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar on Wednesday took notice of an attack on the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC).

Yesterday, a video of young doctors “mocking lawyers” had gone viral on social media. In response, lawyers had started a campaign on social media and today went to the PIC to protest. Its not clear why a video will provoke this kind of primitive reaction from the lawyers who are bringing shame to all legal community in Punjab’s largest city and capital.


However, the protest turned violent as the lawyers initially closed off entry and exit points to the hospital. According to reports and footage, the protesters also damaged equipment inside and broke windows of the hospital as well as cars parked outside.

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Police used tear gas and baton charge to remove the lawyers from the hospital’s premises.

They are currently gathered at the entrance of the hospital and still protesting.

The chief minister, ordering an investigation into the attack, summoned a report from the Lahore Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) and provincial secretary of specialized health and medical education.


Police has taken the charge and dispersed the protest arresting several lawyers. There has been news of several deaths emerging from inside the hospital where patients were terrorized and several complained about lawyer’s attack.