Proton X70 delivery started

The current state of the auto industry could be characterised as unpleasant due to the continual price increases and the delayed deliveries.

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Because of the ongoing price hikes and the delayed delivery, the current stage of the auto industry might be described as unpleasant. Proton Pakistan is one of the businesses that has experienced delivery delays as a result of COVID-19 restrictions and the recent State Bank refusal to provide a Letter of Credit (LC). However, it appears that Proton purchasers have excellent news.

According to our sources, the Proton X70 has begun to be delivered. According to the sources, “the corporation has reconfigured the warehouse and spare parts supply to suit the demand.” Therefore, it suggests that the crossover SUV may soon be seen on our roads.

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The corporation has received negative press because of this, therefore this is very excellent news for Proton buyers. We sincerely hope that Proton will find a solution to every problem and halt the consumer complaints.

Price Growth

The cost of Proton automobiles increased yesterday. Al-Haj Automotive announced the price hike, citing variations in freight costs, the PKR/US parity, and global supply chain disruptions as the causes. The government’s limits on Letter of Credit (LC) opening have also made it more difficult to import the necessary number of CKD kits.

Price of a Proton X70 in Pakistan

And these are the current Proton X70 pricing in Pakistan.

  • The Proton X70 Premium FWD variant’s new pricing, which has increased by Rs. 900,000 from the previous rate of Rs. 6,400,000, is Rs. 7,300,000.
  • However, those who have an outdated reservation must pay Rs. 7,100,000. Proton X70 Executive AWD now costs Rs. 6,850,000 instead of Rs. 6,050,000, which was the previous pricing. It indicates that the automobile increased by Rs. 800,000.

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