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Friday, May 26, 2023

Provincial Minister Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan apologized to actresses after public outrage

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After a strong backlash on social media Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf’s provincial minister Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan apologized for his indecent remarks against stage actress Nargis and Megha.

In a video message, Punjab Information and Culture Minister said, “I apologize to Nargis Sahiba from the core of my heart. She is a very respectable person, a star of our film industry.”

Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan, while addressing a cultural show in Lahore, asserting his capabilities boasted that he could transform Punjabi stage performer Nargis to Haji Nargis and could make actor Megha fast for 300 days instead of 30 in a year.

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Hearing to these comments from Provincial Minister, Nargis retorted and warned Chohan of legal actions against him. She said, “Neither I about anyone nor I want anyone to talk about me. Nobody should use such derogatory remarks about a woman living a peaceful life in her house.

Otherwise, every respectable citizen holds the right to initiate legal action”, warned Nargis. Megha also appeared on a private TV channel and said the minister should be ashamed to use indecent language about her.

Chohan was bashed over his below the belt remarks against ‘vulgar’, ‘half-naked’ and ‘indecent’ photos of actresses placed outside the cinemas and on billboards across cities, in a public gathering attended by families.

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Chohan took a dig at Pakistan entertainment industry for producing illicit content including the item songs that tend to objectify women’s body. He added that people wishing to watch such content must visit the pornographic websites.

Punjab’s minister further added that the Information ministry is set to release the notification that will bar the cinema authorities to place the vulgar and indecent photos of the actresses outside the cinema houses. He informed that as per the notification the transgressor of the orders will be fined and in case of pursuance, the cinema house will be permanently closed.