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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

PTI changes schedule for Islamabad long march

The change in schedule has sparked speculations that Imran Khan is waiting for the announcement of the Chief of Army Staff's appointment. Nevertheless, PTI has clarified the matter.

PTI has changed its schedule for the Islamabad long march. PTI leader Hammad Azhar took to Twitter and released the image of the party’s new proposed schedule for the long march.

According to the new schedule, PTI’s long march would reach Jhelum on November 6 (Sunday) after passing through Gujranwala, Ghakar, Wazirabad, Gujrat, Lalamusa, Kharian, Sarai Alamgir, and Jhelum.

Earlier, it was planned that the PTI long march would reach Islamabad on November 4. However, now the march will reach the capital in eight to nine days.

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“The real march has now become a peaceful revolution. Local people are coming out all the way to welcome Imran Khan. As a result, the march is moving slower than expected. The new schedule is listed below,” Hammad Azhar tweeted while sharing the new schedule.

Interestingly, the delay in schedule has sparked speculations that Imran Khan is waiting for the announcement of the Chief of Army Staff’s appointment. To clarify, the incumbent Army Chief, General Bajwa, is set to retire in November and has refused to take an extension.


Nevertheless, PTI has clarified the matter stating that due to the sheer number of people participating in the long march, the containers are moving at a very slow pace so as to not cause any accidents like that of Sadaf Naeem.

Earlier, a reporter from a private news channel Sadaf Naeem was killed in a tragic accident at the long march. Sadaf Naeem was climbing down from a container when she slipped and got crushed under the tyre of the container. The incident sent shock waves across Pakistan as the nation mourned the loss of the journalist.

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The PTI long march is on its fifth day which resumed from Gujranwala’s Chan da Qila. Addressing the charged participants, Imran Khan said an aware nation which has understood its rights and difference between right and wrong and it is now ready to break the chains of slavery.