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Monday, July 15, 2024

PTI govt grants Rs.100 Million for Anti-Rape Law Fund

‘The Government is most determined in providing robust legislative measures to tackle gender-based crime," says Zartaj Gul in her National Assembly speech. 

Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaj Gul, spoke about the Anti-Rape Law in the National Assembly on Friday. According to her statement, the government has kept Rs.100 million for the Anti-Rape Law fund.

She also said that for the first time, the government is becoming a plaintiff in murder and rape cases against women and children.

”Pakistan has the laws against such crimes, however no effort has been in the past to implement them, which is why the current government is working on the Anti-Rape Law.

For the first time, under the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) of the Federal Government, Rs.100 million have been kept for the Anti-Rape Law fund and further talks on the betterment of the law are underway.” She elaborated.

Speaking on the Noor Mukadam case, Ms. Gul expressed her feelings saying that the neighbors and the guards must have heard Noor’s screams but unfortunately no one paid attention to her.

She also talked about the Gender Protection Unit formed under the IG of Islamabad that she herself had visited and asked her fellow parliamentarians to do the same. Any act of harassment or violence on a woman as well as labor work from a child younger than 14 years can be reported using the number 8090.

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Ironically, while giving the speech, the speaker of the assembly was busy with some paperwork and so were the MNA’s sitting behind Ms. Gul who were constantly busy in their own conversation.

This gives the impression that her speech was not being properly listened by the assembly members and Ms. Gul had to intervene and ask the Speaker to give her a little attention.

Additionally, on social media an old clip from a TV show is making rounds in which two different episodes of Mazak Raat are shown one after the other.

In the first clip, Zartaj Gul is asked a hypothetical question on who would she like to give the life jacket to, if the boat was sinking. The options given to her are Ayesha Gulalai and Modi. To which she cleverly replies that “Ayesha might be an enemy of herself, but at least she isn’t the enemy of the country.”

In the second clip, another MNA of PML(N) is asked a hypothetical question about whose picture would he frame on a wall if given the choice between Imran Khan and Nirandar Modi. To which he replies Modi is better than Imran Khan.

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The purpose of the clip might be to project an image of Pro-Pakistan vs Anti-Pakistan amongst the two parties as the user who shared the video wrote “this is the different between the narrative of PTI and PML(N).”

Zartaj Gul has retweeted the video on her wall.