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Sunday, April 14, 2024

PTI govt’s best moments of 2021

PTI has been sharing some of its top achievements from 2021. According to PTI, one of the best moments was PM Khan's iconic "Absolutely not" statement which created waves as Pakistan rejoiced over a leader who took a strong stance against the world's most powerful country.

As 2021 comes to an end, a solid reflection of the past year is needed. Due to this, the PTI government has been sharing some of its top achievements from 2021 which became defining moments for Pakistan. With the #BestMomentsOf2021 trending on Twitter, PTI, along with its supporters posted instances of PM Khan’s remarkable leadership.

According to PTI, one of the best moments was when it won the AJK elections of 2021 by winning 25 of the 45 seats. Reacting to the win, PM Khan expressed the resolve that his party will focus on bringing the people of AJK out of poverty through his government’s flagship programs, which too became a point of pride for PTI.

On this note, PTI considers the Naya Pakistan Sehat Card one of its massive achievements. PM Khan launched the largest humanitarian project, the Sehat Insaf Card. According to details, families with the Sehat Insaf card can avail free medical facilities of upto Rs 7,20,000 per person.

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On the development side, the PTI government managed to speed up many infrastructural projects. Similarly, the PTI government promised a mass transit system for Karachi. As a result, it successfully delivered the Green Line Bus which was started by PML-N. Moreover, during the month of Nov 2021, Pakistan’s exports had the fastest growth rate in South Asia, categorically beating Bangladesh and India.


In another major win for Pakistan, the country held a special session of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation’s (OIC) council of foreign ministers after 41 years! Diplomats from all Islamic countries attended the session, including the Taliban from Afghanistan.

PM Khan’s iconic 2021 moments

Prime Minister Imran Khan too created waves across Pakistan on his own. This of course points to the iconic “Absolutely not,” moment.

In an interview with the US-based media agency Axios, PM Khan said that Pakistan would “absolutely not” allow the CIA to use Pakistani soil for US bases. Important to note, Pakistan hosted nine US bases till 2011. However, PM Khan’s rejection, that too to the US, created quite the storm as Pakistan rejoiced over a leader who took a strong stance against the world’s most powerful country.

On another note, in March 2021, PM Khan became the second Prime Minister in the history of Pakistan who went to the National Assembly for a ‘voluntary’ vote of confidence. PM Khan’s bold move sent shock waves across the nation.

The decision came in the backdrop of an upset in the Senate elections. Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani of Pakistan Democratic Movement won the general seat from Federal Capital by securing 169 votes against 164 secured by Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh of PTI. As a result, PM Khan sought the trust vote.