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Thursday, May 23, 2024

PTI is determined to initiate new projects in Sindh, Governor Imran Ismail

Imran Khan's government is adamant in converting Sindh into a model province. Governor Sindh gloats about all the new projects that the federal government is starting in the province. Previously, Sindh was considered the most neglected province of all.

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Imran Ismail, Governor Sindh, has announced that his federal government is interested to initiate new projects in the province to upgrade the live standards of common people. He was addressing a press conference when he said that “90 new projects are being launched in Sindh worth Rs. 66 billion which are being financed by the federal government, five new projects will be inaugurated by the Prime Minister in September.”

Governor also raised questions upon the expenditure of Rs. 70 billion which was relayed to the government of Sindh in 10 years for gas royalties. The Sindh is said to be one of the least developed provinces of Pakistan which has been historically dominated by the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP).

The age group distribution revealed the most affected  age group by HIV was 2-5 years with 294 (55.05%) cases followed by age group 6-15 years with 100 (18.7%) cases

The governor added that three hospitals that were formerly being run by the Government of Sindh have been transferred to federal control after the court order. He also expressed resolve to run them better than they were being run before. Recently the apex court ordered to transfer three hospitals constructed by the federal government to hand it over to so that a better system of regulation is assured.

HIV Epidemic

Imran Ismail also commented about the recent rise in HIV positive cases in the province. “The Federal government is helping the province deal with it’s HIV crisis, World Health Organization (WHO) was called upon to deal with the menace and screening kits being used for diagnosis along with life-long medication for those who have been diagnosed with the illness are being provided by the federal government.”

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In Sindh, there has been a rise in HIV cases which has created serious questions on the quality of governance in the province. A report by the Director-General (DG) Health Sindh Dr. Masood Solangi on the spread of HIV in Larkana’s Rotodero district has revealed startling facts. According to the report, over 14,000 people in Rotodero district were screened out of which 534 tested positive for the HIV. Of these patients, 270 were female and 264 male. The age group distribution revealed the most affected age group was 2-5 years with 294 (55.05%) cases followed by age group 6-15 years with 100 (18.7%) cases.

The situation is getting worsened by every passing day.

Many analysts have slammed the government for its inability to counter with the challenge in an effective way.

Moreover, the Sindh governor also talked about the recent bill he just rejected. He stated in his objection to the provincial government against the police reforms act, “It cannot be called a bill due to the series of amendments [in laws]. The provincial government has eliminated 80 Sections out of 190 in the Reforms’ Act.”