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Thursday, July 18, 2024

PTI Leaders and Social Media Team Clash Over Afridi Controversy

Following the video's viral spread, supporters of Imran Khan and the PTI's social media team began criticizing Afridi.

PTI leaders Sher Afzal Marwat and Ali Muhammad Khan have attributed the initiation of a propaganda campaign against former cricket captain Shahid Afridi to their party’s social media team.

The controversy ensued after an old video of Afridi surfaced on X, previously known as Twitter. In the video, Afridi discussed the no-confidence motion against then-Prime Minister Imran Khan, his pre-election pledges in 2018, and his government’s performance. Afridi made these remarks while in London in 2022, raising funds for his charitable organization.

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Following the video’s viral spread, supporters of Imran Khan and the PTI’s social media team began criticizing Afridi.

Marwat pointed fingers at PTI’s social media team for the propagation, urging them to highlight Afridi’s positive aspects. “I personally confirm that the campaign against Shahid Afridi is false and irrelevant,” stated Marwat on X on March 23. “I am aware that Shahid Afridi holds Imran Khan in high esteem, and it seems the propaganda against him is orchestrated by individuals with personal vendettas.” In a recent tweet, Marwat expressed his belief that Afridi was sometimes careless in his statements, stating, “Nevertheless, we must respect each other’s right to express opinions and refrain from unnecessary confrontations.”

PTI’s social media activist, Azhar Mashwani, responded to Marwat’s remarks regarding Afridi and the party’s social media team, urging him to delete his tweet. Mashwani argued that PTI’s platform promotes Imran Khan’s narrative rather than engaging in propaganda. He advised Marwat to address any internal party issues through proper channels, expressing concern that Marwat’s frequent statements on party matters divert supporters’ attention from important topics, leading to unnecessary conflict.’

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Meanwhile, Afridi addressed the criticism, stating that discerning truth from falsehood has become challenging. “The distinction between a journalist and a troll lies in investigation, as slander is the easiest form of attack,” Afridi remarked. He reaffirmed his admiration for Imran Khan as his role model and the reason for his cricketing career. Afridi emphasized that lies and propaganda would not alter his stance, serving neither PTI nor Imran Khan’s interests.