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Thursday, April 18, 2024

PTI MNAs sent to Adiala Jail

The PTI MNAs, Faheem Khan, and Ata Ullah have been sent to Adiala jail for their involvement in the Sindh House attack. Earlier, the IHC had suspended their bails as well.

The District and Sessions Court have sent three accused including two PTI MNAs Atta Ullah and Faheem Khan to Adiala Jail on judicial remand. Judicial Magistrate Muhammad Inaamullah conducted a hearing of the Sindh House Attack case on Wednesday.

Taking to Twitter, Atta Ullah expressed solidarity with PTI Chairman Imran Khan. He also said that they are fighting a war for Pakistan.

“We are definitely going to Adiala jail. But thank god we are fighting the war of Pakistan together with our leader. We did not steal like Showbaz [a derogatory term used by tough critics of Shehbaz Sharif] and Zardari,” Atta Ullah tweeted.

Earlier, the IHC had suspended bails of the Faheem Khan and Atta Ullah. According to reports, the bail of PTI youth wing leader Rai Tanveer has been also suspended. At the time of arrest, MNA Atta Ullah said that these people are thieves and dacoits. “Whatever they do we will not bow before them,” he added.

Attack on Sindh House

Ahead of the no-confidence motion against former Prime Minister Imran Khan, more than 20 PTI MNAs moved to the Sindh House allegedly seeking refuge. However, they later came out in open revolt against Imran Khan and sided with the then Opposition.

As a result, the dissident MNAs came under heavy criticism. PTI lashed out at the MNAs and labeled them as “turncoats”.On March 18, PTI lawmakers and workers stormed the Sindh House in Islamabad in protest against the dissident members of the ruling party, who were staying inside the building.

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The PTI MNAs, Faheem Khan, and Ata Ullah, along with a group of charged party workers had entered the Sindh House, knocking down a gate and shouting slogans, and holding Lotas (spouted globulars) in their hands to symbolize the turncoats.

The police then lodged an FIR against 13 PTI workers for attacking the Sindh House. PPP also lodged an FIR against Faheem Khan and Ata Ullah.