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Saturday, February 17, 2024

PTI MPA slapped a man: Is this something new in Pakistan?

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s MPA Dr. Imran Ali Shah has reportedly been suspended after a road rage incident in Karachi. Dr. Imran Ali Shah along with his guards manhandled and slapped a man over a minor spat.

He has been issued a ‘show cause notice’ immediately as the central executive committee of Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf demanded an explanation from Dr. Imran Ali Shah on the incident. There are, however, contradictory news reports circulating on media pertaining to his suspension.

After a huge outcry on social media and perhaps the fear of losing his place at Sindh provincial assembly, Shah was forced to approach the family to settle the matter. He visited the victim family and apologized for his outrage.

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The victim family accepted the apology but deplored the state’s apathy on the incident. They loathe the fact that state has been ineffective in the protection of common man from the influence of powerful elites.

Dr. Imran Ali Shah’s outrage is typical of Pakistani politicians that resort to manhandling when held accountable.

A few days back, it was Pakistan People’s Party Nabeel Gabool who had a scuffle with a man on Karachi Airport for being called over poor performance in Lyari. Due to the weak internal system of accountability, PPP did not bother to question their legislature for the rage.

When turning over the pages of the recent history, similar cases of state’s apathy can be traced in the cases of Kasur’s child pornography case and bloodshed in Model Town.

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These were the horrific incidences of social injustices that were registered in the history of Pakistan. The 350 sufferers of sexual abuse and their families in Kasur have been waiting for justice for three years now. Since 2015, the inaction on this case has led to the further exploitation of children in the rest of the country. Should the state be blamed? Or the parents for not guarding their children?

Model Town case has been a classic case of the power abuse by the state’s apparatuses-primarily Punjab Police in the case. The open fire on the demonstrators claimed 14 lives. The victims are still in hopes for the dawn of justice.

From slapping incident to employing state apparatuses to overpower the political foes, should the state even be considered a capable entity of protecting the right of its citizen?