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Friday, May 31, 2024

PTI stands strong in solidarity with Murad Saeed as he receives death threats

PTI leaders and supporters have taken to social media to express solidarity with Murad Saeed. They are praising him for not backing down.

PTI leaders are expressing solidarity with fellow leader Murad Saeed who seems to have allegedly come under the radar of the federal government with the latter looking to arrest him.

Reports emerged that the federal government has directed the caretaker government of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) to conduct a crackdown against the PTI leader and former federal minister Murad Saeed and arrest him.

Shortly after the reports emerged, Murad Saeed released a video statement where he alleged that he has been threatened with a “dead or alive” order by “Dirty Harry”. In his message, while talking about the death threats, Murad Saeed said the nation stands by him and will not be suppressed.

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PTI leaders and supporters have taken to social media to express solidarity with Murad Saeed. They are praising him for not backing down and continuing to raise his voice against the increasing terrorism in Pakistan.

“When the State fears the truth and those who expose ground realities, especially on return of terrorists, then it is open season on abductions and assassinations and all manner of dirty even psychopathic operations,” former federal minister of human rights Shireen Mazari said.

“Just as a false narrative was created before the assassination attempt on Imran Khan that a religious extremist would attack him, the same narrative has now started about Murad Saeed. Narrative initiating characters are the same and plotting characters are the same,” former federal minister on planning Asad Umar said.

“Murad Saeed is a rising star of the young generation against whom every plot to destroy will fail no matter how powerful they are,” PT senator Shibli Faraz said.

“This man is becoming a hero. And he deserves it. We need courage like this. Stay away from him,” former KP minister Taimur Khan Jhagra said.

“Arresting Murad Saeed or having a murderous attack on him will be a big mistake of the imported government. Pakistan is in dire need of young and hardworking politicians like Murad Saeed who are not related to any mafia family but still, they have come forward with their dedication and hard work in a difficult field like politics. May Allah protect Murad,” former SAPM Zulfi Bukhari said.

Pertinent to mention that Murad Saeed has been extremely vocal about the need for a strong and effective counterterrorism strategy in the country. He recently organized a rally against the Kabul attack and in solidarity with the police, which he addressed in 15 districts simultaneously.

Murad Saeed has often claimed of receiving death threats. Last month, he approached the Islamabad High Court to provide details of the cases registered against him, avoid arrest, and obtain security.

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