PTI supporters make record donations to party after ECP verdict

Overseas Pakistanis are making donations to PTI in support of its Chairman Imran Khan. PTI received donations on its website from the UK, Australia, Germany, UAE, and Canada.

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The Election Commission of Pakistan’s (ECP) recent verdict on the PTI prohibited funding has caused quite the storm. Interestingly, there are reports of irregularities in the ECP verdict as loyal supporters who are Pakistani nationals claim their names were added to the case.

Therefore, amid criticism of the ECP, Overseas Pakistanis – in what seems to be defiance of the ECP verdict – are making donations to PTI in support of its Chairman Imran Khan. According to details, PTI received donations on its website from the UK, Australia, Germany, UAE, and Canada. The donations range from 10 pounds to 100 pounds.

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“We are heading towards a record day for donations at, thankyou ECP!” PTI’s official Twitter account tweeted.

Errors in PTI prohibited funding verdict?

Earlier, the ECP announced that PTI did indeed receive prohibited funding. It said that the party received funds from 34 unknown sources and hid 13 accounts from the electoral body. The ECP said that the party, in violation of the Constitution, had received funds from 34 foreigners. The party received multiple funds from the US, Australia, and UAE.

Important to note that political parties in Pakistan are not permitted to receive funding from foreign nationals and companies.

On the other hand, multiple PTI donors, mentioned in the ECP’s verdict, have pointed out several flaws and errors in the verdict, claiming they are not foreign nationals and have donated money using legitimate channels.

In a written verdict, ECP said PTI, “received donations from Australia-based company Dunpec Limited, and Pakistani companies Anwar Brothers, Zain Cotton, and Young Sports which was again in violation of the law.” However, Zain Cotton is a family-owned company, which is registered in Faisalabad and its owners are Pakistani nationals.

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Similarly, the owner of the National Food Processing Factory Shoaib Ahmed Basra said that his company which donated funds to PTI is located in Bahawalpur, and the ECP has deemed it as a foreign fund. Shoaib said that he donated Rs10,500 to PTI in 2011 and his company has been misappropriated in the foreign funding list as a Canadian company.

Another PTI donor Beenish Faridi, who donated PTI $250 in 2013, termed the ECP verdict ‘outrageous’. She is not a foreign national as deemed by the ECP, she said in a video message.

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