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Friday, July 19, 2024

PTI to organize a membership campaign on 5th September

PTI Chairman Imran Khan addressed a youth convention in Islamabad on Wednesday where he instructed ISF to mobilize college and university students for the cause of true freedom.

“There are times in the life of a nation when it can turn around its fate. In the 75-years history of Pakistan, this is the first opportunity to gain independence in its true sense”, Former Prime Minister Imran Khan said while addressing the youth convention.

“The struggle of youth and women saved us from the slavery of Hindus, after gaining independence from the British rule”, he said while signifying the role of youth and women in .

Imran Khan directed the workers of Insaaf Students Federation (ISF) to spread the message of true freedom in universities and colleges in the month of September. “I want you to set up camps in colleges and universities to spread our message”, Imran Khan said while addressing the youth convention.

While responding to the call of Shahbaz Sharif to quit politics for the time being for the sake of the flood-affected people of Pakistan, Imran Khan said that the he shares the responsibility of flood-affected population. “I will work for the flood-affected population as much as possible, however, at the same time I will keep working for the Haqeeqi Azaadi movement and you all have to support me in this”, Imran Khan addressed the convention.

While outlining the objectives of his struggle for freedom, Imran Khan said that we have to ensure that the decisions of Pakistan are made within Pakistan and that governments should not be imposed on us from abroad. “If we decide to purchase oil Russia in the interest of our people, we should be free to do so”, Imran Khan said.

“We are willing to be partners for peace but not for war. We lost eighty thousand lives in the war of America, hence we are not willing to participate in anyone’s war”, Imran khan said while emphasizing on the importance of true freedom.

“Our first objective is to get rid of this government of thieves, secondly, we are struggling for the rule of law in the country”, Imran Khan noted the objectives of his campaign.

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Imran Khan also criticized the government for the amendment in the NAB laws, through which the government released itself from cases of corruption worth 1100 billion rupees.

“We want law that is equally applicable on the weak and the powerful, we want justice as justice leads to true freedom of people”, Imran Khan stated his agenda.

Imran Khan announced that PTI is organizing a membership campaign on 5th September and directed ISF to run the campaign in colleges and universities. Imran Khan also instructed college and university students to stay prepared to mobilize for the Haqeeqi Azaadi movement on his call.