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Thursday, February 15, 2024

PTI’s counsel apologizes for remarks on CJP Nisar’s photo with air hostesses

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Pakistan’s top lawyer and PTI’s counsel in the famous Panama Case, Advocate Naeem Bukhari apologized to the chief justice for his remarks regarding the latter’s photograph with air hostesses on Wedensday.

Bukhari is famous in Pakistan for his simple yet facetious remarks on politicians and bureaucrats. Bukhari offered a verbal apology to Chief Justice of Pakistan during a court proceeding for expressing his reservation on his photo with Pakistan International Airline (PIA) air hostesses.

Bukhari while tendering his apology also complained to the Chief Justice that media ‘twists and turns’ his statements and spin them into something controversial and even ‘offensive’. A day earlier on Tuesday, while responding to the advocate’s objection on the photo, Justice Nisar had inquired in a joyful manner why Bukhari was ‘jealous’.

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The image which Bukhari referred to was taken during a Karachi-Islamabad flight where Pakistan International Airline (PIA) air hostesses approached Pakistan’s top Judge for a photo. Justice Saqib Nisar conformed with the request.

“You are encroaching on our rights,” the lawyer had replied. Referring to the air hostesses as ‘daughters’, the chief justice had remarked that “sometimes you cannot say no to daughters.” The picture in question has gone viral and is being circulated on Social Media.