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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Public schools in Sindh being converted into cattle pens?

The total number of primary elementary and higher secondary schools in Sindh decreased from 47,557 in 2011 to 42,383. Now public schools in Sindh are being converted into animal pens.

Public schools in Sindh are being converted into animal pens. Maleeha Hashmey, a prominent social media personality, shared a video on her Twitter account and urged people to have a look at what is happening in Sindh.

In 2018, a report issued by the Reform Support Unit (RSU) of the Sindh Education Department claimed that over 23,000 out of a total of 42,383 public sector schools in Sindh have been functioning without electricity, while only 734 have libraries.

The total number of primary elementary and higher secondary schools in Sindh decreased from 47,557 in 2011 to 42,383 in 2017. The Sindh Education Department cites shutting down inoperative schools as the reason for the decline.

The number of government-run schools for girls in the province has also decreased from 7,801 in 2011 to 5,385 in 2017. RSU also observed a declining trend in the total number of female students enrolled in schools, which fell from 17, 58,853 students in 2011 to 16, 52,025 students in 2017.

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Recently, Daily Times reported that the opposition leader in Sindh Assembly, PTI leader Haleem Adil Shaikh has same that school buildings were turned into cattle pens in the province. He said that schools were opened officially but still school buildings were used for cattles in Sindh. Shaikh was speaking with journalists during his visit at Girls high school of Ghariabad in Dadu city. He was accompanied by local PTI leaders Sardar Rajib Khan Shahni, Ghulam Hyder Syal and Amir Abro.

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Shaikh showed cattles roaming in School. He said that cattles heads were reached in school in a replacement of students. He said that Sindh government has constructed this school building with wort of million rupees but it was in usage of cattle heads. Shaikh said that few days , he identified this same building as usage of cattle heads and it was cleared but again it was usage of cattles. He reached at school buliding to vacate it from animals. He said that now animals are studying in schools at place of students hence award should be given to the education minister Sindh Saeed Ghani.He said 70 percent schools in Sindh are closed.

Shaikh said that thousands school buildings are in usage of cattle heads in Sindh. He said that CM Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah was leading minister in Sindh and it was their progress. He said that education was necessary for every one but 6 million students/ children are out of schools in Sindh. He said that due to none eligible minister education Sindh, the education in Sindh was destroyed. He said after COVID schools were announced to open but animals were seen in schools. He crtisized on PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari as he was proved as in efficient leader of this team. He said that people’s party leadership and minister are busy in PDMA struggle than how can they pay attention on these issues. He said that the resources of Sindh are looted and problems are created. He said that PPP Sindh government is not sincere with people of the province.

He advised to PPP spokesman to pay attention of issues of Sindh for resolving not to pay attention towards against Fedral government. He said the looters, corrupt people are accountable of their corruption. He said that it was governance of corrupt and looters in Sindh. He said that bride and bride groom were picked up illegally by KN Shah police few days ago when they had refused to pay two lac rupees to police, bride groom was tortures to death in police custody. He said that PPP was running government on force of lathi and gun point.

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PTI leader said that corrupt people were again posted at key posts in Sindh. He said that it was zero progress to the public by Sindh government. He said that PPP CM Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah was doing illegal acts. He said that CM Sindh had promoted corrupt people instead of to remove them. He said that now time reached as people of Sindh should decide of their fate. He said that we had asked prime Minister Imran Khan that PPP had destroyed Sindh. He said that we had asked prime Minister to provide relief to people of Sindh. He said 7088 billion rupees were spent by PPP Sindh government in last 13 years.