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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Punjab Police arrests man filming video of girls crossing street on TikTok

A TikTok user gets arrested by Punjab police for posting videos of harassing women. The video showed him making lewd expressions at girls crossing the street without any fear.

Punjab Police has arrested a man filming videos of girls passing streets without consent on TikTok. The man posted the videos of the girls on the video-sharing app. Some of the videos showed him harassing the girls in the video.

The video showed him making lewd expressions at girls crossing the street without any fear. Social media activist-turned-anchorperson Maleeha Hashmey posted the video on her Twitter account and demanded the authorities to take action against the boys in the video.

She asserted that men like him make public spaces unsafe for women, forcing people to curb the freedom of their daughters and sisters.

Some of them are not even allowed to attend schools and continue education as parents fear for the security and safety of their daughters while sending them out of their homes.

She urged her followers on Twitter to spread the video and name and shame the boys in the video for publicly harassing the girls.

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TV anchor Ovais Mangalwala also urged the TikTok users to report his account since he has been repeatedly putting offensive videos of harassing women on the streets.

The video gained immense traction on social media leaving a score of social media users enraged and furious. Several social media users condemned the action of the boys and demanded that police arrest the boys.

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The video also initiated a heavy discourse on the outrageous act of enjoying public harassment of women. Netizen discussed possible causes of indecent behavior and how to make public spaces safe for women.

Soon Sialkot Police came into action and arrested the main culprit. Azhar Mashwani, a PTI official from Punjab, posted the image of the boy being arrested by Sialkot Police. The Police traced the culprits and arrested him on Sunday.

Punjab Police received massive appreciation on social media for swift action against the culprit and immediately responding to the case of harassment.