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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Punjab Police went Undercover as Hawkers and Rickshaw Drivers to Catch Rapist

Suhail Shehzad, the rapist, and murderer, responsible for kidnapping four boys who had gone missing in Kasur’s Chunian city has been identified and arrested by Punjab Police. Police diligence is, in this case, is commendable.

Punjab Police has announced that the rapist and murderer of four boys in Kasur’s Chunian city has been identified and arrested. The authorities revealed that the rapist and murderer, identified as Suhail Shehzad was nailed down after conducting DNA and polygraphic testing.

The Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar, on Tuesday, announced that the serial killer responsible for the rape and murder for minor boys in Kasur district has been taken into custody.

Suhail Shehzad: Rapist & Murderer

Addressing a press conference in Lahore, CM Punjab Usman Buzdar said that the 27-year old murderer and rapist, Suhail Shehzad was identified by the Punjab Police through DNA and polygraphic testing. He said, “The authorities conducted geo-fencing for 1648 suspects, while the DNA samples of 1543 suspects were tested.”

The Chief Minister of Punjab confirmed that Suhail is responsible for all four cases of sodomy and murder of minor boys. These cases have created an outcry in Kasur since September, triggering a wave of fear over the continued prevalence of child sexual abusers and sodomizers in the district that has always been in the news due to scores of child abuse and pornography cases.

He vowed to oversee the Chunian rape and murder cases himself, and added, “The case against Suhail Shehzad will be pursued in an anti-terrorism court.” CM Punjab further added that the action has been taken against the Punjab Police personnel who caused unnecessary delays in the case. However, he did not offer any specific details in this regard.

Thousands of video clips emerged, depicting harrowing details of a child pornography ring forcing hundreds of minor boys and girls to perform sexual acts that were being filmed.

Details revealed by the Inspector General of Punjab Police, as circulating on media, the suspect is a resident of Rana Town, and he committed these crimes in June, August, and September. Four children had gone missing from Kasur district since June.

The children were aged between eight and twelve years, and the latest child, 8-year old Faizan, had gone missing on the night of 16th September. The remains of three children were discovered from the sand dunes adjacent to the Chunian bypass on 17th September.

Sohail Shehzad had captured the attention of the police authorities after his brother had filed a missing person’s report on 22nd September, stating that Shehzad had taken the family tractor to the market, and had disappeared since then.

The AIG Punjab Police, speaking to the media, revealed that the authorities deployed aid from Human intelligence alongside scientific aid to identify the suspect. He added that the police officials went undercover and assumed the roles of street hawkers and garbage collectors to search for the killer.

The Police personnel tracked down Shehzad’s four mobile numbers to track him down in Rahim Yar Khan District. He was arrested and brought to Kasur, where he underwent DNA testing. The officials revealed that the primary reason that established a link between Shehzad and the murders was that when the police searched for his phone locations during the last few days, one of his numbers was discovered to be active in the area from where Faizan had been missing.

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Sources reveal that a few years ago, Shehzad had been accused of Sodomy and had spent five years in jail.

Several heart-wrenching incidents of rape, child abuse, and child pornography shooks the district of Kasur. In January 2018, Pakistan was rocked by the dead body of six-year-old Zainab Ansari, which was discovered in a pile of garbage near the Shahbaz Khan Road after being missing for five days. Zainab’s case was the 12th child abuse incident that occurred in a 10km radius in Kasur district during a year-long period.

Kasur has drawn much criticism over the scores of Kasur sodomy and child pornography victims, discovered in 2015 from Kasur’s Hussain Khanwala village. Thousands of video clips emerged, depicting harrowing details of a child pornography ring forcing hundreds of minor boys and girls to perform sexual acts that were being filmed. Members of the gang would use these videos to blackmail the children and their families for money and sexual favors.