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Thursday, July 18, 2024

‘Son of donkey’: CCPO Umar Sheikh in hot waters for abusing Punjab police officer

CCPO Umar Shaikh verbally abused a sub-inspector during a meeting, leading to the sub-inspector resigning from his post in the Punjab Police.

 A foreign-educated sub-inspector, in the Punjab police, has resigned from office after receiving verbal abuse from CCPO Umar Sheikh during a meeting reported the News.

The former sub-inspector handed in a two-line resignation letter in which he said he could no longer continue after the humiliating incident.

Virk, the former Punjab police sub-inspector was called a ‘Khotay ka bacha’ 

Virk had answered a question during the meeting incorrectly when he was called a donkey’s son (Khotay ka bacha). The meeting was being chaired by CCPO on 22, September.

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Virk said that he felt deeply insulted by the incident and had resignation thereupon.

Virk said he had been in charge of the media monitoring cell and was briefing Sheikh and other officers on a matter related to his portfolio.

“The CCPO asked me a question, which I answered. While I was replying, he interrupted and called me a ‘khotay ka bacha,’ saying he was asking me something but was getting an answer to something else,” Virk told the newspaper.

Working in the Police had always been Virk’s passion

Virk said he completed his MPhil degree in environmental chemistry from the United States in 2015. He said that serving in the police had always been his passion, which is why he had appeared in the competitive examination of the Punjab Public Service Commission and was placed at number 10 on the merit list.

He said he resigned because he felt his dignity had been attacked.

“I was asked to get out of the meeting, which I had to. I later wrote out my resignation to the senior superintendent of police (SSP), Lahore,” said Virk.

Not the CCPO Sheikh’s first controversy

CCPO Umar Sheikh had gotten entangled in a controversy previously when he had said about the Gujjarpura rape case that the woman involved should not have left her house at night, alone.

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This had been perceived by the public as victim-blaming and CCPO Umar had been harshly criticized for his comments.

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