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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Putin Tests S-400: World’s Deadliest Missile System Putting American Defense Systems to Shame

Russia has just tested the new S-400 air defense systems, which have been concluded successfully. Analysts believe that the S-400 is the deadliest missile in the world, and countries across the region are eager to acquire this technology

Russian President Vladimir Putin tested Russia’s deadliest air defense system to date, the S-400, just hours before the UN General Assembly session. Putin had previously mentioned the unparalleled might of the new S-400 in the aftermath of the Saudi oil attack talks.

S-400 Air Defence Systems

The Russian military tested the S-400 air defense systems, globally recognized as the deadliest missile system, and the launches were carried out by a missile regiment across the Eastern Military District against high-speed, maneuverable targets of a new type. The launch took place at the Telemba proving ground in Buryatia.

A press release issued by the Eastern Military District stated, “During the live firing phase the most complex situation was created at the proving ground to simulate an enemy air attack. New types of targets were added.”

It added, “S-400 crews carried out ten launches of guided air defense missiles to hit all targets, including high-speed and maneuverable ones flying at extremely low altitudes.” The press statement noted that the missile and artillery systems designed to protect the S-400 also performed efficiently.

Russia has been attempting to sell the S-400s to both, Saudi Arabia and its regional rival, Qatar, who have been embroiled in a bitter conflict since June 2017, when the Kingdom imposed an embargo on Qatar.

Over the years, Russia has made great strides in advancing its military and defense technology, and countries across the Middle East have lined up to invest in the ultra-sophisticated missile defense systems produced by the Russians.

The Russian manufactured S-300 was highly acclaimed until the arrival of the formidable S-400. With this strategic defense weapon, Russia hopes to expand its market for defense and military hardware and give US defense revenues an aggressive competition by selling to major states across the region.

Selling S-400s to Riyadh?

Earlier in September, the Russian President made headlines with his rather hilarious attempt at marketing the new S-400s to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in the wake of the September 14th drone and missile attacks on key Saudi oil facilities.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is equipped with the American Patriot defense systems, and its inability to prevent the attack has raised questions about the overall capabilities and failings of the US manufactured air defenses. Now the success of the tests conducted for the S-400 has further highlighted the many failings of the American air defense systems.

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Addressing a trilateral press conference with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and Iranian President Rouhani, Russian President Vladimir Putin seized the opportunity to sell the S-400s to the Saudi leadership.

Putin said, “We are ready to help Saudi Arabia protect their people.”

As the Iranian President Rouhani and Turkish President Erdogan broke into mirthful grins, the Russian President added, “They need to make clever decisions, as Iran did by buying our S-300, as Erdogan did by deciding to buy the most advanced S-400 air defense systems.”

Putin further added, “These kinds of systems are capable of defending any kind of infrastructure in Saudi Arabia from any kind of attack.”

Analysts have regarded the timing of the S-400 test launch and Putin’s offers to Saudi Arabia as a deliberate attempt to “troll” the Donald Trump administration and the US defense complex, and his offer remains consistent with Russia’s policy of selling its dynamic S-300 and S-400 air defense systems to multiple countries across the region.

Turkey has recently acquired the S-400s, while Iran procured the S-300s. Russia has been attempting to sell the S-400s to both, Saudi Arabia and its regional rival, Qatar, who have been embroiled in a bitter conflict since June 2017, when the Kingdom imposed an embargo on Qatar.

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Moscow has shipped its S-300 air defense systems to Syria and Egypt, allowing both countries to advance and upgrade their existing air defense systems with a longer range and more sophisticated weapons.

The media is rife with conflicting news with regards to Baghdad’s interests in acquiring the S-400 air defense systems, and Russia is keen on selling these systems to Iraq, which would undoubtedly enhance the impact of Iraq’s air defense capabilities.