Quick tips that will help you up your car value


When owners are trying to sell their car, they can run into obstacles that either diminish the value of their possession or make them struggle during the sale. There are, however, many tricks and tips that you can use to up your car value and help it sell much quicker. Using these will give a significant advantage against other listings with attracting interested buyers.

Clean it thoroughly

You would be surprised to know that cars with clean interior and exterior pictures tend to sell 17-23% more often than those which aren’t. Drive your car to the nearest car wash and leave it for a thorough clean of the seats, floors and dash. Make sure the exterior is spick and span as well.

Reupholster the steering wheel

The condition of steering wheel upholstery indicates how ‘tired’ the car really is. The odometer might say 200 thousand miles (320 thousand kilometres), but if the steering wheel looks intact, the mileage won’t appear as bad. According to surveys, buyers use the upholstery condition of the steering wheel to judge the car first. This isn’t an expensive service and you can get it for any kind of car – Woodensteeringwheels.com. Click the previous link to find out more!

Check the engine for oil leaks

When buyers spot oil leaks, they are immediately on alert and will try to negotiate the price. Even though it could be a simple spill while refilling and not a mechanical problem, it’s important to clean out all possible traces of oil.

Make sure to find out all the faults and issues

Connect your car to the computer and see diagnostics faults. If it’s a performance car – put it on a dyno to see how the power holds up and always try to look underneath to find damages and faults that would otherwise be impossible to locate. The more you know, the better your chances of selling are.