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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Hamza Ali Abbasi shares Quranic verses on modesty in Islam

Former actor, Hamza Ali Abbasi shared Quranic verses on social media as he expressed his stance on the recent controversial statements made by Imran Khan.

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Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi shares God’s message regarding the modesty for men and women in Islam on Thursday. Abbasi also joined the heavy discourse on social media continuing approximately for a week following the statements of Prime Minister Imran Khan regarding the rising obscenity and rape cases in Pakistan.

In a tweet, Hamza Ali Abbasi shared the excerpts from Quran just a day after Jemima Goldsmith, former wife of PM Imran Khan, also joined the bandwagon.


Abbasi in his tweet said, “Speaking as a man, in my understanding of what I believe is the literal speech of God, Quran, God has very clearly told all MEN who say they are Muslims that NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE IS DRESSED LIKE OR BEHAVES LIKE, UNCONDITIONALLY LOWER YOUR GAZE & GUARD YOUR OWN MODESTY (QURAN 24:30).”

He seems to have backed what PM Imran Khan had said in response to a question from a caller regarding sexual assault against children and women.

“Random thought:- In my personal understanding, God has made it clear in the Quran that sexual instinct is one of the most powerful instincts in both men & women hence God emphasizes on overall modesty & responsible behavior from both men & women, equally, in this particular area,” added Hamza Ali Abbasi.

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In a live Question/Answer session on last Sunday, a caller asked PM Khan about the alarming spike in the cases of sexual abuse against women in society. Commenting on the issue, PM Imran Khan attributed rising rape cases to the culture of vulgarity and nudity increasingly promoted along with easy access to pornographic content as among the few reasons behind the rising cases of sexual assault against women and children.

A stance he has repeated time and again and even slammed western and Bollywood movies for fueling sexual frustration among youth. A score of social media users, however, blasted him for victim-blaming and exuding a regressive mindset.

Meanwhile, his advocates debunked the controversy on social media and added that his words have been twisted out of context by his detractors. They quoted various scientific studies that correlated cases of sexual abuse to vulgarity and exposure of youth to pornographic content.

The statement, however, became viral leading to international media quoting the statement of PM Imran Khan. On Wednesday night, Jemima Goldsmith also commented on the controversy as she shared an article on the statement by Daily Mail.

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She quoted a verse from the Quran which read: “Say to the believing men that they restrain their eyes and guard their private parts.” Quran 24:31.” She further added that “The onus is on men,” in a statement. In another tweet, she added that “And yes, yes 24.30. You get the point.”

The Quranic verses were widely shared on social media ever since Jemima Goldsmith had quoted them. Hamza Ali Abbasi also shared his two cents based on these Quranic verses.