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Monday, May 29, 2023

Quratulain Balouch sings with Jason Derulo at the official Football World Cup Anthem 2018

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Pakistani singer Quratulain Balouch has collaborated with Jason Derulo for a Football World Cup song. The song is a Pakistani version of the World Cup anthem, titled ‘Colors.’

The vibrant video shot in Karachi, Miami, and Haiti feature the culture of Pakistan. The loud drumbeats are a treat for all the music and football lovers in Pakistan. The song ‘Colors’ is a nice blend of Eastern and Western music. Jason Derulo is seen dancing to the beats of the song while children are shot playing football in the streets of Karachi.

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As the Football World Cup began in Moscow, Russia, last week, the song has become a sensation on social media within a day of its release.

Besides, Jason Derulo and Qurutulain Balouch, the songs also features the captains of the Pakistan Football team men and women – Kaleemullah Khan and Hajra Khan.

Qurutulain Balouch was reportedly flown to Los Angeles for the recording of the song. She has not only impressed her fans with her vocals but her dance moves in the song compliment her performance.


The commentators believe that the selection of Pakistan among the few countries for an official anthem, for the FIFA World Cup, by an international brand is a big thing for the country. Not only does it brings out a positive image of Pakistan globally but it will also give a necessary boost for the promotion of the game in the country. Pakistani footballs are already popular in the world as all the footballs used in the World Cup are imported from Pakistan.

Currently, cricket is a more popular sport in Pakistan than football, hence football in Pakistan lacks the major sponsorships needed to fund the team. The popularity of the song ‘Colors’ in Pakistan hints for the formation of Pakistan’s football team in the coming years. Since it will attract the attention of the sponsors needed to fund and support the team at an international level.