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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Qureshi says Pakistan facilitating Kabul evacuation as CJP showers praise

Committee to Protect Journalists’ (CJP) thanked Pakistan for its cooperation in safe evacuation of foreign journalists from Afghanistan as FM Qureshi promises safe evacuation of international persons.

In a press briefing today, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi shared that Pakistan is fostering a positive role by facilitating safe evacuation amidst current developments in Afghanistan. 

He shared that the diplomatic missions from Denmark in Afghanistan were facilitated by Pakistan to safely exit the country along with all those who worked with their team. Denmark’s Foreign Minister had called FM Qureshi requesting a safe passage for their citizens.

About 380 people as per their request have been safely evacuated from Kabul and are now on their way home. His counterpart thanked him for the unconditional cooperation.

The Taliban took over Kabul on Sunday and established the government. Afghanistan’s name has been switched to the “Islamic State of Afghanistan” and the flag has been changed as well. 

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FM Qureshi also announced that Pakistan is planning to send in more flights to help people evacuate. He shared that Pakistan “is extending full cooperation to foreign missions, international organisations & media outlets for temporary relocation/repatriation of staff.” He informed that to continue smooth sailing and effective execution of these plans, the diplomatic core will have a meeting later today to further enhance the facilitation process.

Pakistan released a statement yesterday to help the foreigners in Afghanistan. Pakistan’s diplomatic mission in Afghanistan  “is extending necessary assistance to Pakistanis, Afghan nationals and the diplomatic and international community for consular work and coordination of PIA flights.”


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In the press briefing to the media, FM Qureshi also emphasised that he wants Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the international community to remain engaged. Right now safe evacuation is the topmost priority, and that is what Pakistan is there for to play its role, but at the same time, all countries are requested to maintaining engagements to sustain the peace and reconciliation process.

Secondly, he shared that Pakistan wishes to help bring calm to the situation. As of now, panic has ensued and Pakistan wants to see the security of human life above all instead of any unnecessary bloodshed. He shared that this is the will of the international community and that of Pakistan too while it continues to fulfil its role.

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He once more asserted that there is no military solution to Afghanistan’s problems. He shared that Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan will soon head a National Security Meeting to develop guidelines for moving forward in this situation.

On 16th August, Fawad Chaudhry, Minister for Information and  Broadcasting received a call from Steven Butler, thanking him for cooperating in the safe evacuation of journalists. Steven Butler is the Asia Programme coordinator for Committee to Protect Journalists (CJP). The Minister was glad to have helped and shared that Pakistan supports freedom of expression and it is Pakistan’s responsibility to come to assistance.

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Pakistan had eased its visa restrictions three days before Kabul’s fall when Kandahar fell to the Taliban. “The Government of Pakistan has decided to ease its visa policy for journalists and media workers stranded in Afghanistan in view of the evolving situation in Afghanistan,” Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed had shared his statement. He said that the top priority was given to journalists and workers. 

PM Imran Khan held a call on Sunday, with President Erdogan to share Pakistan’s efforts in the facilitation of safe evacuation. The two leaders agreed to actively consult one another and PM Imran Khan stated that Pakistan will continue to support through all means possible.

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