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Friday, April 12, 2024

Radio Pakistan building set on fire in Peshawar

Director General of Radio Pakistan has confirmed that the building of the state media in Peshawar was attacked.

The building of Radio Pakistan in Peshawar has been set on fire by protestors who have taken to the streets after PTI Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan was arrested.

Director General of Radio Pakistan, Tahir Hassan, has confirmed that the building of the state media in Peshawar was attacked by violent protesters who in hundreds stormed into the building of Radio Pakistan, breaking the main gate. The protestors ransacked the News Room and other sections of the station.

Tahir Hassan said the miscreants had also attacked the building of Radio Pakistan Peshawar last night, but they again launched an attack today and also perpetrated violence against the staff including women. They set on fire the official record and equipment.

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Vehicles parked in the building of Radio Pakistan were also set on fire, while the miscreants damaged and looted government property, including cameras, microphones, and other office equipment.

Videos of the fire on the building of Radio Pakistan are also going viral on social media with netizens expressing alarm. Following the vandalism, demonstrators set fire to the structure, which prompted police to use shelling to scatter the crowd.

Following Imran Khan’s arrest, chaos erupted in Pakistan as the public heavily protested the arrest, with reports of violence and clashes between police and the protestors. The situation, especially in Lahore, went out of hand when protestors set four police vehicles on fire near the corp commander house.

The deteriorating law and order situation in Punjab prompted the provincial government to seek the Army’s help. The Ministry of Interior has approved the Punjab government’s request for assistance by sanctioning ten companies of troops.

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Similarly, the KP government has also sent a summary to the ministry seeking the deployment of the army in the province. Reports state that Army will also be deployed in Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, and other districts.