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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Rakhi, Now ‘Fatima’, Returns from Umrah

Rakhi Sawant Returns to India Adorned in a Headscarf, Requests Paparazzi to Address Her as 'Fatima'

Rakhi Sawant, a name synonymous with Bollywood’s glitz and controversy, has once again seized the spotlight, but this time for a profoundly spiritual reason. Ever since her breakout appearance on the Indian reality TV show Big Boss, Rakhi has remained a media magnet, celebrated for her unapologetic wit and criticized for her attention-grabbing antics. However, this time, the actress-turned-entertainer has embarked on a journey that transcends her typical media extravagance.

Several months ago, Rakhi publicly announced her conversion to Islam, citing her marriage to Adil Khan Durrani as the catalyst for this significant life change. The revelation stirred both intrigue and skepticism among her followers and critics alike. Many questioned whether this was merely another episode in Rakhi’s ongoing quest for the limelight.

Recently, Rakhi took to social media to share her experiences as she embarked on her maiden Umrah pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. This news elicited a mixed response, with some applauding her spiritual quest while others accused her of orchestrating a religious spectacle for attention—a recurring critique that has shadowed her career.

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As Rakhi returned to her home country after completing her Umrah, she draped a headscarf over her head and was met by enthusiastic fans bearing garlands. Paparazzi eagerly awaited her arrival at the airport gate, chanting “Rakhi, Rakhi” in hopes of capturing the moment. However, the actress had a different request—she asked to be addressed as “Fatima.” Obliging her wishes, photographers and paparazzi promptly began referring to her as Fatima.

When a man attempted to place a garland around her neck, Rakhi hesitated and stepped back. However, she permitted a woman to do the same, illustrating her selective interaction with her admirers.

“I am very fortunate that for the first time I’m going for Umrah… I received a calling. I am very happy. Please keep me in your prayers; I’ll pray for you all,” Rakhi had conveyed before embarking on her spiritual journey.

Yet, when questioned by a reporter about whether she had officially changed her name on legal documents, she responded firmly, “God made me just like this; he loves me just how I am. He doesn’t need me to change documents or my name.”

Rakhi Sawant’s conversion to Islam, driven by her marriage to Adil Khan, has been fraught with controversy, including allegations of abuse and legal disputes. Adil Khan, who spent months behind bars, and his friends have recently taken to the media to express their side of the story, further adding to the intrigue surrounding Rakhi’s personal life.